How to find the right home heating options with column radiators

As the wintry weather begins to bite, more and more of us start to think hard about the different home heating options available. So now is a great time to assess and evaluate your home’s radiators. Are they fit for purpose? Do they keep your home warm, welcoming and cosy? Are they energy-efficient? And lastly, do they look the part? Your radiators aren’t just a practical heat source, they form an important part of your home’s design scheme too.

Column radiator options

Column radiators are perennially popular – and nowadays, they are available in hundreds of different styles, materials, shapes and colours. Our commercial director Jody explains their many benefits, and shares his expert advice on how to choose the best models.

Incorporating a truly timeless design, our 4 column cast iron radiator is available in a selection of different finishes, and works equally well in both classic and contemporary settings. In a Lacquered Polished finish, this radiator looks super-stylish in this home office environment

What are radiator columns?

 These are the horizontal or vertical sections within a radiator, which are designed to conduct heat within a heating system. You’ll find the size and numbers of columns will be dependent on how much heat output you require. The bigger the room, the more columns you will require to help to retain heat in your home for example.

Column radiators explained

Column radiators are are one of the most recognisable options for heating systems on the market, thanks to their distinctive appearance. As their name suggests, they incorporate hollow, tube-shaped columns that look quite different from their panel counterparts. And, in addition to their many versatile design options, these radiators are available in double, triple, four- and six-column options, to suit every room size, shape and heat output requirement.

Ideal for bigger rooms, our 6 column cast iron radiator features smooth, rounded shoulders. This column radiator is also available in four traditional heights and is shown here in a Copper Lacquer finish

The benefits of column radiators

Let’s start with the practicalities. Column radiators are high-performing home heating options. They are excellent heat distributors and, on a size comparison basis, deliver a much higher heat output than certain other traditional radiators. That can be down to their design. The columns naturally maximise the radiator’s surface area, allowing it to emit more heat than that of a comparable panel radiator.

 The column radiator in detail

The more columns there are, the higher the heat output achieved. So do explore our triple, four- or six-column models if your home features large rooms with high ceilings. But the best home heating options don’t just deliver large amounts of warmth. Importantly, the precisely spaced channels of column radiators encourage even heat distribution too.

There’s no need to choose between style and functionality with our versatile Modus Electric Lacquered radiator, which gives you maximum control over the rooms you do (and don’t) want to heat. Made from Mild Steel, this new column radiator offers two, three and four column radiator options

Column radiators

Perfect for a newly decorated room, a new column radiator could add that special finishing touch. Whether you pick vertical column radiators or horizontal designs, each can work with a variety of heating systems, from traditional boilers to more modern energy-efficient systems.

Different sizes to fit your chosen space

In order to find the perfect column radiator, you should find there’s a huge variety if different sizes and configurations to choose from. Look for column radiators with a high heat output for a larger room in order to keep you feeling toasty over winter, too.

Traditional column radiators

While modern column radiators are available in a range of materials, cast iron remains one of the most popular home heating options. And that’s largely because it’s an excellent heat distributor. Cast iron radiators heat a room efficiently and evenly. While they may not warm up as quickly as certain other materials, they conduct heat wonderfully.

The benefits of traditional column radiators

So, these column radiators remain warm long after they’ve been turned off, which means your rooms stay warmer for longer too. This energy efficiency is good news for your heating pump and boiler; it’s good news for the planet; and as the cost of living crisis rumbles on, it’s good news for your pocket, too.

Style and substance with a column radiator

Power and performance are the primary considerations when choosing new home heating options. But today’s column radiators look as good as they perform. Ornate cast iron models will always be sought after in period properties. But we offer a huge selection of column radiators, in all shapes, sizes and styles, to suit any and every interior.

Vertical column radiators

Vertical or tall radiators continue to grow in popularity – and we have plenty of column radiators in our extensive portfolio. Tall radiators are the perfect solution for a space saving design if your room’s wall area is narrow or limited. So they allow you to maximise all possible available space. Vertical column radiators also work well sited either side of a window for maximum heat output.

Available in a huge range of sizes, fixings and finishes, our Modus Made to Measure Vertical & Horizontal Column radiator is one of the most versatile models on the market. Made from Mild Steel and showcased here in Brass with vertical columns, this design comes in five column depths and hundreds of colours

Pick a column radiator for style

From an aesthetics standpoint, vertical radiators add an instant ‘wow’ factor to your heating system in your home. The column radiator is a fast, effective way to create a real style statement, or construct a design focal point. We have tall column radiator options to suit both classic and contemporary interiors, in a huge range of sizes, finishes and materials. So whether you need a new lease of life for your living room, or it’s time to give your bedroom a reboot, we’re sure to have the perfect radiator to suit.

Pretty and practical, our dual-purpose Bench column radiator, pictured here with a veneered oak wood top, is perfect for boot rooms and bay windows. Made from Mild Steel, this is one of those column rads with a dual purpose to heat your home and provide the perfect radiator perch


Keeping things colourful

And let’s not neglect to mention colour when it comes to a column radiator. Plain white may still be popular but a coloured column radiator can give any living space an instant lift. And there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your decor.

Choose metallic finishes for your column radiator

In recent years, we’ve seen huge growth in the demand for modern metallics. From brushed steel to antique brass, they offer a sleek, contemporary design compared to the traditional white radiator design. We offer a wide range of metallic finishes thanks to our in-house powder coating plant. So, you can match your column radiator with fixtures and fittings for a more cohesive finish in your home.

Bold bright hues can add glamour and style

And more and more customers are using bold, bright column radiator shades as accents, to add interest and impact, and really make a colour palette pop. This can instantly enhance your wall space whether you prefer a more traditional style and colour-way or modern colour options in your home.

See how our Modus Stocked radiator adds a gorgeous pop of green to this monochromatic dining space. Made from Mild Steel, this small horizontal radiator demonstrates how column radiators offer huge versatility in terms of their shape and size

Powder coating possibilities

Other customers prefer to match their radiators to a specific shade of wallpaper or paint. Thanks to our own in-house powder coating plant, we can offer an extensive range of bespoke shades, in addition to a very handy colour-matching service.

Our Modus Stocked Lacquered range features bare metal, copper, black nickel and brass lacquers – perfect for fans of industrial chic. Made from Mild Steel, this is one of the best column radiators for those who love the modern metallics trend

Something for everyone

In summary, column radiators are one of the most versatile home heating options on the market. They are available in a variety of different widths and heights. You can choose from virtually unlimited colours, textures and finishes. Designs can be classic, contemporary, or traditional with a twist. We even stock a selection of electric column radiators, for maximum flexibility. So whatever size, shape or shade of radiator you’d like, we’re confident we have multiple home heating options that can accommodate it.

The electric-only version of our Modus Electric column radiator is available with a Wi-Fi heating element, to fully comply with the EcoDesign Directive Legislation. Made from Mild Steel, this could be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a radiator which is energy efficient and stylish

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