Vertical radiators: five key benefits for a cosy home

Spring still hasn’t quite sprung – but it’s definitely in the air. A new season is the ideal opportunity to assess what needs updating in your home. And if your radiators need a refresh, now is the perfect time to explore the many different options available. Vertical radiators (sometimes known as tall radiators) continue to grow in popularity, for a variety of reasons, that incorporate both function and form. Our director Stewart Double is a big fan of this versatile style. Read on to discover his expert opinion on the key benefits of vertical radiators, and how to choose the best ones for your home.

Up, up and away! Our Cassius curved vertical radiator, available in three widths and two finishes, adds the perfect finishing touch to both classic and contemporary design schemes

Make a style statement

The first thing most people notice about vertical radiators is, understandably, how they look. Modern radiators are more than just a heat source – they are also an important part of a room’s aesthetic. So their appearance is just as important as their ability to keep you warm. Available in a huge range of styles, shapes, colours and materials, vertical radiators can be customised to complement any interior design scheme. So unleash your imagination, and don’t settle for boring and bland. Vertical radiators are a wonderful way to transform your space, and showcase your individual style. Go bold and bright, or sleek and chic. The options really are endless!

Keen to make your vertical radiators a focal point in your interiors? You can’t go wrong with our NEW Galena designer aluminium model, shown here in the Anthracite 7016 texture finish. It offers huge BTU capabilities, combined with gorgeous ribbed front scores, to keep you warm and cosy in serious style

Maximise your space

Always take your room layout into account when choosing new radiators. Because they’re tall and slim, vertical radiators are the ideal choice if your wall space is limited or narrow. They’re also the best option to make use of any awkward, ‘dead’ space. They even work well if your room is square, but small. If your room is large, but has lots of windows, two vertical radiators sited either side – instead of one small horizontal radiator underneath – could well be the most effective heating solution.

Available in both single and double-sided versions – plus a range of heights and widths – our versatile Cove vertical radiator model is one of our perennial best-sellers

To function effectively, your radiators shouldn’t be obstructed by furniture, which is often placed against walls to create more central space. Vertical radiators take up less wall space, which leaves more scope for optimum furniture placement. Another associated benefit of this? Your furniture is less likely to absorb the heat your radiators emit, helping you to save energy – and money!

Explore energy efficiency

In fact, vertical radiators per se can be highly energy efficient. Each room in your home requires a certain amount of BTUs (British thermal units) to keep it warm and cosy. Correspondingly, it’s important to be aware of the BTUs your prospective radiators are capable of. This size of your radiator affects this – as does the material it’s made of. Vertical models often provide more options regarding the former, which helps to keep you warmer.

Electric vertical radiators are especially useful in terms of energy efficiency. They heat up faster than traditional central heating models. And because they work independently, they offer maximum control in terms of heating only the rooms you choose, when you choose.

Did you know we’ve updated our Vela electric vertical radiator? It’s now compatible with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, giving you greater control over your heating needs

Embrace eco-friendly designs

If sustainability is important to you, you’ll be thrilled to learn that some of our vertical radiators, such as our Ruvo model, are manufactured using 100% recycled aluminium. This eco-friendly material heats up quickly, delivers a high heat output, and uses a low water content. Importantly, aluminium is infinitely recyclable, using a process that reduces the energy cost by 95%, when compared to producing aluminium from scratch.

Made from recycled aluminium, our Italian-designed Ruvo vertical radiator – shown here in Turquoise Blue – delivers maximum style, with no sustainability compromise

Stay on-trend

Vertical radiators are a great way to tap into the latest design trends, in terms of colours, shapes and finishes. Metallics for example, are enduringly popular, and continue to be a great way to bridge the gap between contemporary and classic styling. More recently, bare metal lacquer finishes are enjoying a resurgence. Copper, black nickel and brass are the ideal choice for fans of on-trend industrial chic.

The bare metal finishes of our Modus Stocked Lacquered range have proved a popular edition to this best-selling collection

If you’re keen on colour, our vertical radiators are available in a vast range of shades. Contrast or complement them with the rest of your décor, as you prefer. Did you know we even have our own powder-coating facility at our UK factory? This mean that we can provide any RAL colour, a wide selection of special finishes, and even a bespoke colour-matching service!

Lastly, the shape of our vertical radiators continues to evolve. So if you prefer soft, smooth shapes, you’ll love our designer curved collections, such as Cassius. And if solid, angular lines appeal to you more, our Tornado radiator could be just your thing. This contemporary styling is sure to add a touch of sophistication to any room in your home.

Modern heating solutions don’t have to be white, bland and boring. Feast your eyes on our Tornado vertical radiator. Showcased here in Pastel Turquoise, this distinctive flat-panel model is available in hundreds of different RAL colours

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