Energy-saving electric radiators & towel rails

It might seem a bit bizarre to be thinking about your radiators just as summer gets going in earnest. But July really is a great time to reassess your home’s heating needs. Planning ahead is the best way to make sure that every single room is warm, welcoming and energy-efficient by the time the winter weather returns. And of course, saving energy is important all year round, for many different reasons. Reducing the amount of energy we use in our homes lessens our environmental impact. After all, there is no Planet B. So of course we should all be doing everything we can to conserve our natural resources, and protect our precious ecosystems.

This electric version of our classic Modus column radiator now comes complete with a WiFi heating element to fully comply with the new EcoDesign Directive legislation, created to help reduce the UK’s carbon footprint

Saving energy can trigger important health benefits. Green homes, equipped with energy-saving appliances, are cleaner and healthier. They emit fewer pollutants into the air, which is good news for everyone concerned. Then there’s the financial aspect. It’s simple: saving energy saves you money, because using less costs you less. This year has already seen huge increases in energy prices, which has prompted many of the cheaper fixed price utility deals to be withdrawn. With further rises to the energy price cap not ruled out, taking action now is vital. Step forward energy-saving electric radiators and towel rails as our director Stewart Double reveals in this blog:

Our Vela electric radiator can be sited vertically or horizontally. It’s now both WiFi and Bluetooth compatible, so you can control how it heats your home via your Smartphone App

Take control

Electric radiators (and towel rails) are enjoying a surge in popularity, thanks to their versatility and energy efficiency. To sum up, they help to prevent energy wastage. I think their key advantage is that they can work independently. So, this gives you maximum control over the rooms you do (and don’t) choose to heat. For example, if you’re still working from home and it turns chilly, you can simply switch on the radiator in your home office. There’s no need to turn on your central heating system, needlessly warming up your whole house. Similarly, once you’ve finished for the day, you can switch off the electric radiator in your study, but keep the rest of your house cosy and warm. Over time, controlling the temperature in different rooms like this can deliver significant cost savings. It’s better for the environment, too.

Love the natural look? Feast your eyes on our Mahana towel rail. Available in both central heating and electric versions, this design combines warm tones of Iroko wood with a timeless brushed steel finish

Waste not, want not

Another major benefit of energy-saving electric radiators and towel rails is that 100% of the electricity they use is converted directly into heat. With traditional gas boiler-based heating systems, energy can escape through the flue. Furthermore, to reach the radiators, heated water needs to travel underneath your floors through pipes. And this usually involves a certain degree of heat loss. If your pipes aren’t insulated, up to 50% of the heat that’s been generated by your boiler is lost en route. Naturally, this isn’t an issue with electric radiators and towel rails. Another positive for me is that modern models heat up fast. So there’s none of the ‘cold spot’ issues that used to be a problem associated with older-style electric radiators.

Installation advantages

Yet another advantage of energy-saving electric radiators and towel rails is how easy they are to install. Because they don’t need pipe work to be laid, so installation tends to be fast, simple and relatively cheap. This is especially the case when compared with a gas central heating system that needs professional installation, plus regular servicing. You’ll also find electric radiators are maintenance-free. They won’t require any plumber call-outs to deal with leaks, or carry out ‘flushing’ sludge-removing procedures. Because they have virtually no moving parts, they are very unlikely to break down or wear out.

Why not add a pop of colour to your bathroom with our Cube T towel rail, available in both electric and central heating versions? It performs as good as it looks

Style and substance

Nowadays, I think there’s simply no need to sacrifice style on the altar of substance. Our extensive collection of energy-saving electric radiators and towel rails looks every bit as good as its gas-powered counterparts. We offer both classic and contemporary styles, in a huge range of different colours and finishes. And you can choose from both horizontal and vertical options, to suit both the space available, and your personal tastes.

Keep it classic with our Ashill towel rail. This traditional style is available in a wide range of finishes, including chrome, polished nickel and antique brass

Carbon footprint control

Our commitment to being environmentally friendly goes much further than offering a wide selection of energy-saving electric radiators and towel rails. I recently invested in an in-house bespoke powder coating plant. Powder coating not only provides superior colour retention but it’s also non-toxic. It’s therefore a much better option in ecological terms than certain wet paint processes, which can contain potentially harmful solvents. So, having this plant at our factory site also allows us to reduce our number of product miles and our carbon footprint.

The perfect complement for both modern and traditional bathrooms, our Cranwich electric towel rail combines form and function to provide a luxury look that can be manufactured in any size or shape

Toasty towels

If you’re considering installing energy-saving electric radiators in your home, don’t forget towel rails. We offer a range of electric options that will keep your towels toasty, dry and fluffy. Simply draping wet towels over your bathroom door (or even your bathroom radiator) won’t dry them effectively between uses. Your radiator’s function is to transfer heat, and warm your room. But install a dedicated towel rail, and you’ll never have to endure a cold, soggy towel post-shower ever again!

Make a serious style statement with our Oakham towel rail (available in both central heating and electric versions). Incorporating additional storage shelves in either beech, oak or teak, it’s the perfect pick for smaller bathroom spaces

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