Heated towel rails best buys

It is a truth universally acknowledged that as winter begins to bite, our bathrooms become a more attractive place to spend time. Cold days and dark nights were simply made for long, luxurious soaks in the tub. However, these rooms need to be warm and toasty which is why heated towel rails make the perfect choice for heating. With various virus restrictions still in place, many of our bathrooms are doubling up as DIY spas, too. But even if you just use yours for some precious me-time (perhaps whilst enjoying a glass of good red and your favourite podcast) you’ll want it to be warm and welcoming. Knowing that a dry, fluffy towel is waiting for you afterwards is also a key part of the pampering process!

Mild steel heated towel rails, like our Metro model, are enduringly popular thanks to their affordability, efficiency and availability

Why are heated towel rails so popular?

There’s no doubt that heated towel rails are becoming so popular in homes all over the UK. Bathrooms are, by their very nature, wet and steamy environments. Draping used towels and damp bathmats over the bath or on the back of the door isn’t an effective way to dry them between uses. Neither is hanging them over your bathroom radiator! That’s because the role of your radiator is to transfer heat. In other words, it will specifically keep your room at an optimum temperature.

Health considerations

Heated towels rails, however – as their name suggests – are here to keep your towels warm and dry. This means they are much more pleasant to use, and also far more hygienic. Excess moisture encourages the growth of germs and mould, not just in the towels themselves, but throughout the entire room. So investing in a heated towel rail isn’t just a comfort concern, it’s a healthier option too. These days there are hundreds of different styles, shapes and colours to choose from. Read on and be inspired by our carefully curated collection of brand new launches and enduring best-sellers.

Add a touch of class with brass! Our new Austen heated towel rail is an elegant addition to any modern bathroom, and works especially well with darker paint shades of navy and grey

The beauty of a brass finish

Within interiors, the metallic trend isn’t new. Silver and stainless steel finishes are enduringly popular, but other shades are gaining traction too. Our new Austen heated towel rail in stainless steel with a beautiful brushed brass finish, features a clean, classic design with an exclusive feel. It’s an excellent complement to any other brass hardware in your bathroom, such as taps or pipes. And it works equally well within both contemporary and traditional settings. The Austen is available in five different heights, and three different widths, so there are plenty of options regarding location and space.

Bright heated towel rails

While the primary purpose of heated towel rails is functional, that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun and funky too. As is the case with coloured radiators, a bold, bright towel rail can really give your bathroom space a lift. Think of it as a heating solution that’s part of your décor too. You can match a coloured towel rail to the rest of your room scheme, or choose an accent shade for a single pop. Using colour like this is a great way to inject some personality into a room that can easily be a little bland and boring. We adore our Cube T model, which features beautiful hand-crafting. Manufactured in Italy, this style showcases eye-catching u-shaped square tubes. It’s available in over 300 stock colours, but thanks to our state-of-the-art powder coating facility we can also create a huge array of customised colours and finishes too.

A coloured heated towel rail, like our Cube T model in fuchsia, is a great way to combine practicality with a dash of pizzazz

The trend for curves

A ladder style heated towel rail, with a generous number of horizontal bars, is a great choice for smaller family bathrooms. They tend not to take up too much wall space, but offer plenty of practicality. Some towel rails are flat, whereas some have a curved profile. The latter offers slightly more room for towel storage, but there isn’t a huge difference.

Our new Cavell model features a slight bow in its design, and is available in two on-trend metallic finishes: Copper Lacquer and Black Nickel Lacquer. There’s a choice of 9, 15, or 19 ladder ‘tubes’, so however many towels you need to keep dry, there’s sure to be an option that suits!

Our stylish new Cavell model adds an instant designer touch to any contemporary bathroom. Its subtle curves offer plenty of space to store towels, keeping them dry and fluffy for the whole family

Vertical radiators for modern living

Another radiator trend that’s crossing over to towel rails is the growing popularity of much taller models. Vertical radiators are a wonderful way to maximise your wall and living space, and it’s a similar scenario with bathrooms. If you’re able to, think big – and think up. The tallest specification for our Vulcano T is 1720mm, which translates into no fewer than 37 tubes for your towels! So its contemporary tube on tube styling doesn’t just look good, it delivers great heat output too, keeping all your towels toasty. Best of all, its low water content means it heats up quickly, optimising efficiency, comfort and economy.

Bellissimo! We’re big fans of our Italian manufactured Vulcano T heated towel rail, showcased here in the ever-popular Dark Grey texture finish

Site your heated towel rail in an ideal location

Whichever size and type of heated towel rail you choose, where you site it is of course important. The coldest wall of your bathroom is the optimum location. This is usually the outside wall with the window.

Available in both central heating and electric options, our Zante heated towel rail is a popular choice for any bathroom or ensuite

Another factor to take into consideration is whether you opt for a central heating or electric model. The key difference is that you can only use a centrally heated towel rail when you turn on your central heating. For most people, that rules out the summer months. You can turn on electric towel rails separately, as they are not connected to the rest of your heating system. This makes them super versatile and efficient. Electric models also tend to be more precise in terms of temperature, as you can control them by their own digital thermostat.

If you’re making your first foray into the world of heated towel rails, our tried and tested Metro model suits most applications. Featuring industry standard straight fronted ladder rails, it comes in a large selection of widths and heights. For maximum versatility, it’s also available in both central heating and electric versions.

If you’re keen to browse our full collection of heated towel rails, click here to view our online brochure, or to order your own hard copy.