How to choose a towel rail

Choosing a new towel rail or radiator for your bathroom can seem like a daunting task. After all, there’s simply so much choice, it can be difficult to know where to start. Your bathroom is also quite unlike most of the other rooms in your house, which means you’ll need specific heating requirements.

Choosing a towel rail to fit the space

The bathroom is usually a small space. In addition, it might be needed at all times of the day and night. People are often undressed in this area and it’s frequently damp and humid. So what’s the best solution? A heated towel rail is a versatile option that works well in most bathrooms, including en-suites and cloakrooms. Bathroom towel rails heat the room, warm your towels – and look stylish too.

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Assess your space

It sounds obvious, but before you choose your towel rail, you’ll need to assess your space. Be realistic about how much wall (and floor) space is available. If you’re blessed with a big bathroom, by all means indulge in a full-size towel heater. Bear in mind it will dominate most of the wall it’s mounted on, so make sure you don’t need that area for anything else.

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Take height into consideration

If you’re strapped for space, think hard about height. A smaller heated towel rail can be mounted at waist level, freeing up space below for storage. Sometimes the best wall for your towel rail isn’t the most obvious one, so investigate all options. For example, if your bathroom is bijou, don’t waste the area behind your door. It might be the perfect location for a narrow towel heater.

Our Lambourne Essential traditional model is perfect for smaller bathrooms, compact cloakrooms, and en-suites.

Consider how to hang towels on your towel rail

Still on the question of space, don’t forget to consider how many towels your heated towel rail needs to accommodate. Do you need to hang just a small hand towel in a compact cloakroom? Or do you need to keep a big bath sheet dry and fluffy in your family bathroom? Make sure there’s enough space between each rail of your chosen towel heater to allow it to fulfil its role.

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A question of style

There are so many different heated towel rail styles to choose from. Think what would work well with the rest of your bathroom décor – and your own personal taste. Are you mad about the ultra-modern? Or a firm fan of traditional? Whatever your preference, we’re sure to have something to suit.

Can’t decide which style of bathroom towel rail to choose? We love the unique U-shaped tubes of our new Vulcano T model. It’s eye-catching, without being overwhelming.

Make your towel rail a focal point

Why not consider how much of a focal point you’d like your towel rail radiator to be? If you’d prefer your rail to blend in, choose a model that matches your tiles – white on white works well. Alternatively, make your towel heater your bathroom’s focal point. Be bold with colour and/or texture. Also, why not choose a striking curved design?

Want to make a statement with your towel rail? Our exquisite new Mahana model combines warm and natural tones of wood with a timeless brushed steel finish. The result? A striking fusion between two materials for a versatile addition to any bathroom space.

Choose a strong finish for your towel rail

Once you’ve decided your heated towel rail size, shape and style, you’ll need to select the best finish. For example our Elveden model is available in chrome, polished brass, polished nickel, brushed nickel, antique brass and polished gold.

Our Luxury Handmade Traditional Collection features a selection of styles and a wide variety of different finishes. These include chrome, polished brass, polished nickel, brushed nickel, antique brass and polished gold.

Calculating capacity

Now you’ve weighed up all your options, there’s one last thing to consider before you part with your hard-earned pennies. Where your bathroom towel rail is concerned, function is equally as important as form. So you must take into consideration the heat output of your chosen model. A reputable heating engineer should be able to advise you correctly. However, we’ve created a useful calculator – for guidance use only – to help you with your research. Click here for a quick way to assess your required size and output.

Twice as nice: Our Hilborough double heated towel rail is an excellent choice if you need a larger heat output. Part of our Luxury Handmade Traditional Collection, it’s composed of brass but is available in a range of different finishes.

The beauty of bespoke

If you’re still struggling to choose a towel rail, get in touch. We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture almost any radiator or towel rail. So if you can’t see exactly what you want, talk to us and we’ll do our best to create it especially for you.

Our designer, vertical/horizontal radiators and towel rails can all be adapted in terms of height, width, depth or pipe centre. And as we have our own powder-coating facility at our UK factory, we can also offer a huge range of radiator colours. For more information, please call us on 01842 810 833, or browse our product portfolio online.

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