How to choose contemporary radiators

Most of us tend to spend a lot of time at home during the festive season, hosting friends and family. Winter – and especially December – is the prime time to stay indoors and spend quality time together. So you’ll want to make sure your home is warm, welcoming and stylish enough for all that Christmas entertaining. However, this could mean it’s time to radically re-think your radiators! These days, they don’t have to be horizontal and plain white. Contemporary radiators come in a huge range of shapes, styles and colours. In fact, they’re a fast, easy way to revamp a room and make a serious style statement.

In the pink: Modern radiators don’t have to be drab or blend in. Make a statement this season with the contemporary Cube T towel rail from our Mild Steel Collection, in a fun, fuchsia shade.

Colourful radiators

If you haven’t replaced your radiators for a while, you’re in for a pleasant surprise where colour is concerned. We’re famous for the choice of shades we can provide, so it’s never been easier for you to get creative with colour. Thanks to our own powder-coating facility within our UK factory, we can offer more than 250 different finishes from stock. This means that contemporary radiators can now become a key element of your colour scheme – not an afterthought.

A bright radiator is an excellent way to add a pop of colour to any room. Why not coordinate it with other selected accessories, such as cushions or rugs? That way, you can still keep you main décor neutral, but add interest with a contemporary twist.

See how it’s done with our Aviso radiator*, showcased here in a beautiful shade of blue. Part of our Mild Steel Designer Collection, this powerful new product combines striking design with a magnificent heat output. That makes it a great choice for larger spaces or open-plan living areas. Perfect for keeping everyone warm while you play Christmas charades! We think this classic blue and white combination looks great all year round. Just add some silver sparkle for a seasonal festive touch. *Update: this radiator is no longer available

Contemporary radiators in the bathroom

If you have guests to stay over the Christmas period, your bathrooms are going to be busy. Make sure they’re up to the task, in terms of function and form. We have lots of contemporary radiator and towel rail styles to choose from, to complement today’s modern bathroom, cloakrooms and en-suites. So there’s absolutely no need to sacrifice style for performance. We are here to help your bathroom stay warm, while still looking great.

Slim-line models – like our flat panel Felucca towel rail – create an instant modern finish. Part of our Mild Steel Bathroom collection, this model features a low water content for increased energy efficiency. We love the subtle ridge detail, which adds an extra classy touch. Felucca is available in two heights, and four different widths, for added versatility.

Try flat panel contemporary radiators

Flat panel radiators aren’t just suitable for bathrooms. Our Tornado model, for example, is an excellent option for anyone after a minimalist contemporary radiator to enhance their living space. Tornado is available in a huge range of widths and heights, and a vast selection of shades and finishes. We think “Snowflake” is pretty prefect for this time of year!

Tornado is made of mild steel, one of the most popular contemporary radiator materials. It’s a competitively priced option if you’re watching the pennies, but still want plenty of choice in terms of colours and finishes.

Vertical contemporary radiators

Contemporary radiators are on the up – literally! Vertical models continue to grow in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. On a practical level, they can free up lots of space, so they’re perfect if your wall is narrow but tall. Aesthetically speaking, they’re more decorative, and tend to draw the eye. So they’re a great way to make a design statement, or to express your own personal style.

Our Cove model is available in both horizontal and vertical designs, so you can even mix and match if you prefer. This purple version highlights how contemporary radiators can function as a clear focal point within a space, adding elegance and interest. Cove emits heat superbly and can be either single or double sided. Thanks to the sizes and finishes available from stock, it’s also one of our best-sellers.

If you’re not sure whether the radiator you’d like has a suitable heat output, check with a reputable heating engineer. Or use our online heat calculator, a fast, handy guidance tool to help you with your research.

Choosing the electric radiator option

Many people consider electric to be the fuel of the future where heating is concerned. Taking into account the volatility of oil supplies and prices – and the dwindling supplies of natural gas – this makes sense. The increase in, and commitment to, renewable electricity production is also a consideration. Another advantage of electric radiators is that each one can work independently.


That’s not to say that older-style electric radiators weren’t without their drawbacks. But our brand new Vela electric radiator emits heat efficiently and consistently, with no cold spots or slow heat up times. It’s made from aluminium, a superconductor that’s also lightweight and easy to install. Our Vela Electric contemporary radiator even comes with a stylish controller that’s built in and easy to use.

Click here to browse our full range of radiators. And remember, we can create an unlimited array of colours and finishes, both contemporary and traditional. So if you have something specific in mind, give us a call on 01842 810 833. We’ve been established in the heating industry for over 20 years, and our specialist team will be pleased to assist.