The Austen is a prestigious towel rail enhanced by its brushed brass finish, ending a clean and classic design with an exclusive feel.


The Rosa is a quality product inspired by the latest sophisticated bathroom designs. This classic towel rail has a modern feel with its lacquered finish over polished stainless steel.


The slight bow within the Cavell’s design merges perfectly with its lacquered finish. This beautiful towel rail combines style and contemporary comfort.


The Jango is another exciting and innovative model in the DQ range. The elegant contours of this towel rail give it a unique style and the high quality of the Jango is what sets it apart from similar products on the market.


Both its build quality and luxurious feel show the high standards to which the Rebo has been manufactured. The attention to detail on the Rebo’s design is second to none, making it one of the most exciting models in the DQ range.


If the Shakers had designed towel rails, they would have looked like the Liana Range from DQ. The ultimate in simple design with the added benefit of stainless steel. The Liana is available in both central heating and electric.


Simplicity itself… Beautifully proportioned and ultra efficient, the Siena is now available in six widths and four heights. A truly versatile towel rail in a high quality polished stainless steel finish. The Siena is available in both central heating and electric.


The subtle bow front sets this bathroom radiator apart from the Siena. Like the Siena, the Zante is a popular choice for any bathroom. The Zante is available in both central heating and electric.

Cove STR

This sleek and stylish oval tube towel rail has been manufactured in polished stainless steel, ensuring its durabilty, and offers an excellent heat output alongside exceptional value for money. The Cove STR is available in both central heating and electric.