Are DQ Heating Radiators suitable to be installed on my Central Heating System?

Yes. All DQ Heating Radiators are designed for general use with conventional Central Heating Systems.They are able to be installed by any competent plumber or installer.They are compatible with manual and thermostatic valves available from any Plumbing outlet however we would strongly recommend our own solid brass Valves for longevity.

How do I work out the heat needed for my room?

Ideally the plumber or installer will be able to work the heat calculations needed for your room. If you would like to work out the calculation for yourself, please use our Heat Calculation tool.

What is the best position in the room to install my Radiator?

The best position to situate a Radiator is the coldest part of the room where it will achieve the correct airflow, usually by a window. The Radiator should be at least 100-150mm min from the floor to allow for cleaning underneath and installation of Radiator Valves and pipework.

What is the conversion for Watts to BTU?

To convert Watts to BTU – Multiply by 3.412. Likewise to revert from BTU back to Watts Divide by 3.412.

My Vertical Radiator is installed but it is not heating up correctly. Is there a reason for this?

Most Vertical DQ radiators come with a baffle or flow diverter pre-installed, this enables the flow of hot water to travel up and along the sections rather than directly out the return.  There should be a sticker on the rear of the BOTTOM collector tube, this is the end to use as Flow and Return.   If the radiator is not heating correctly, it may well be the baffle is at the top and therefore the radiator is upside down.

What Pressure are DQ Radiators tested to?

Most of our Radiators are tested at 7bars of pressure, however some are 4 bar. Please contact us for further information on a particular product.

How do I calculate my pipe centres?

If the radiator and/or towel rail has its connections on the side of it, then you take the width of the radiator (or more specifically the width between its connections), and then add on the measurement of the valves. If the radiator and/or towel rail has underneath connections, then the manufacturer will always state how far apart the connections are and if you need to add or subtract anything to account for the size of the valves. We can provide you with the measurements of our valves, please feel free to email or telephone to request this information.

Are your valves bi-directional?

We do not supply bi-directional valves. Therefore, the control head would need to be fitted on the side of the flow.

My radiator is not heating up correctly/some of the tubes are cold?

The most common cause for this issue is insufficient water pressure within the radiator. To increase the pressure, you will need to ‘back-down’ the lock shield. This reduces the flow of water out of the radiator and/or towel rail and therefore increases the pressure and subsequently the heat within the tubes. Another reason for this issue can be that the valves are not fitted correctly. Our valves are not bi-directional and therefore if the control head is not fitted to the side of the flow, then the radiator and/or towel rail will not heat up correctly.

Can I convert my radiator and/or towel rail to all electric or dual fuel?

Yes, most of our towel rails can be made all electric or dual fuel. Unfortunately, we do not convert radiator ranges. However, we do have fully electric radiators available, please see our Modus Electric, Osset Electric and VELA Electric ranges for more information.

How do I calculate BTU output for electric radiators and/or towel rails?

This can be simply calculated by multiplying the WATTS output in our brochure by 3.41.

What is the length of the heating element rod?

This varies depending on the manufacturer and wattage of the element. Please contact us for further information on this.

Do your heating elements have frost protection and/or auto cut-off?

Yes, we have a range of thermostatic heating elements which includes frost protection and auto cut off once element has reached the correct temperature.

Are your RAL finishes gloss or matt?

Our RAL finishes are gloss as standard, with 70%-80% gloss level. These can be ordered as a Matt finish (30% gloss level), these maybe subject to slightly longer delivery time and/or an additional charge. Please contact us to confirm this before placing your order.

How do you calculate your heat outputs?

The outputs shown in Watts in our brochure are ∆t50 (Delta t50) which is the industry standard and is calculated by supposing a boiler flow temperature of 75⁰C, a return temperature of 65⁰C and an average room temperature of 20⁰C. If you are using an alternative heat source, like an air source heat pump with lower flow/return temperatures then please contact us for help in working out the corrected radiator outputs.

Is the heat output reduced for products in a Chrome finish?

Yes, this can reduce the heat output by 25%-30%.

Do I need wall stays for the cast iron radiators?

Our cast iron radiator range are floor standing and therefore wall stays are an optional extra. If you do require these, we recommend one wall stay for every eight sections.

What diameter pipe will your sleeving kits fit?

These are made to fit standard 15mm pipes.

Do you have other RAL finishes available that aren’t listed on your website or brochure?

RAL finishes are industry standard colours. We have the full range of RAL colour, plus special finishes displayed on our website to help you choose the correct colour for your needs. If the colour you require is not shown, then we can offer a colour matching service. For a small RAL colour swatch or questions regarding our colour matching service, please e-mail
Please note for technical reasons paint colours may not match exactly the samples shown on our website and brochure.

What are LOT 20 & LOT 50 regulations?

These are EU regulations regarding the efficiency of electric space heaters (not towel rails). All electric heaters sold within the EU must conform to this regulation. Please feel free contact us for further information regarding this matter.

Are fixing supplied with the radiators or towel rail?

Yes, although it should be noted that the supplied fixings are suitable for masonry walls only, for other types of structure you will need to supply your own fixings.