Are DQ Heating Radiators suitable to be installed on my Central Heating System?

Yes. All DQ Heating Radiators are designed for general use with conventional Central Heating Systems.They are able to be installed by any competent plumber or installer.They are compatible with manual and thermostatic valves available from any Plumbing outlet however we would strongly recommend our own solid brass Valves for longevity.

How do I work out the heat needed for my room?

Ideally the plumber or installer will be able to work the heat calculations needed for your room. If you would like to work out the calculation for yourself, please click Here for our Heat Calculation tool.

What is the best position in the room to install my Radiator?

The best position to situate a Radiator is the coldest part of the room, usually by a window. The Radiator should be at least 100-150mm min from the floor to allow for cleaning underneath & installation of Radiator Valves & pipework.

What is the conversion for Watts to BTU?

To convert Watts to BTU – Multiply by 3.412. Likewise to revert from BTU back to Watts Divide by 3.412.

My RT Radiator has a baffle to install, why is this and how does it fit?

The RT Designer Radiators are one of the only Radiators that can be mounted Vertically or Horizontally from stock. Only the Vertically mounted models require a baffle or flow diverter, which needs to be installed in between the first and second sections, blocking the flow from exiting without circulating the Radiator.

My Vertical Radiator is installed but it is not heating up correctly. Is there a reason for this?

Most Vertical DQ radiators (except RT) come with a baffle or flow diverter pre-installed, this enables the flow of hot water to travel up and along the sections rather than directly out the return.  There should be a sticker on the rear of the BOTTOM collector tube, this is the end to use as Flow and Return.   If the radiator is not heating correctly, it may well be the baffle is at the top and therefore the radiator is upside down.

What Pressure are DQ Radiators tested to?

Most of our Radiators are tested at 7bars of pressure, however some are 4 bar. Please contact us for further information on a particular product.

What is the difference of Vertical & Horizontal Radiators

Vertical Radiators have Vertical panels e.g. RT 180 x 8 has 8x Vertical 1800mm panels. This same radiator Horizontal will have 8x Horizontal 1800mm panels.