Vertical & Horizontal Radiator

The Vulcano has a unique shaped tube which delivers excellent output for size and supreme styling, helping establish this radiator as a leading product within the UK. Available in single, double, vertical, horizontal and towel rail versions, with many different size and colour options.


Vertical & Horizontal Radiator

Using similar u-shaped tubes as the Vulcano, this radiator offers exceptional build quality and performance.


Vertical & Horizontal Radiator

This flat panel radiator with a unique shaped rear gives you great heat performance and is available in a massive range of sizes and finishes.


Vertical & Horizontal Radiator

Either single or double sided, this superb heat emitter is perfectly proportioned to add style and elegance to any room. With plenty of sizes and finishes available from stock, it is easy to see why it is our best seller.


Vertical & Horizontal Radiator

The Cassius is a smooth and sleek designer radiator that is perfect for any room setting. As standard, the vertical version is available in three widths and two finishes, and the horizontal option in four widths and two finishes.

Cove Mirror

Vertical Radiator

This stunning mirror version of our most popular radiator gives even more versatility and incredible value for money.