Space-saving radiators and towel rails

There aren’t too many of us lucky enough to have all the space we feel we need. Wishing for an extra room – or for an existing room to be that little bit bigger – is all too common. The arrival of lockdown, home schooling and working from home has further exacerbated the situation. With more family members spending more time under one roof, it’s vital to make sure that every inch of space is maximised. That’s likely to mean you now need to source/replace some space-saving radiators for your smaller rooms. Luckily, there are lots of different options available, allowing you to make every area of your home cosy, warm and comfortable.


First of all, identify what your options are in terms of siting your radiator. Underneath a window is a popular location for a space-saving radiator; one that often calls for a horizontal design. Remember, if your room is small, your radiator will be too, and you’ll need to maximise its heat output. So don’t obstruct your chosen radiator with fabric or furniture, as this will restrict the flow of hot air. Try to keep the area around it as clear and clutter-free as possible.

There are plenty of contemporary, horizontal space-saving radiators to choose from. If your room is large, but the space for the radiator isn’t, think about a double-sided model.

Our perfectly proportioned Cove model is a superb heat emitter that adds style and elegance to any room – big or small. One of our best-sellers, it’s available in a range of different heights and widths. Choose from single- or double-sided, according to the space available.


When you’re weighing up the options for space-saving radiators, don’t forget flat panel models. Efficient, modern and versatile, their slenderness makes them a great fit – literally – for rooms of all shapes and sizes. They are designed to fit tight against almost any supporting wall, and do not protrude outwards. They’re also extremely energy efficient, saving you money as well as space.

Our Tornado flat panel radiator is slim, stylish and comes in a wide range of different sizes and finishes. It’s available in both vertical and horizontal designs.


Unless you’re blessed with a bathroom of palatial proportions, space-saving radiators are a priority where this area of your home is concerned. A heated towel rail is a versatile alternative, especially in small en-suites and/or cloakrooms. The latest designer models heat space effectively, while looking amazing. They even keep your towels warm too!

Our COVE STR is a sleek, stylish oval tube towel rail that combines excellent heat output with exceptional value for money. For maximum versatility, it’s even available in both central heating and electric versions.

These days, space-saving radiators don’t have to be short on style too. The latest contemporary towel rails are chic and sophisticated – perfect for making a statement, even within a compact cloakroom. Some feature loops, swirls, waves and spirals, so there’s absolutely no shortage of different styles to choose from. But there are simple, more traditional options too. Assess what best suits your space, and your personal taste, before you splash out.

Our Shaker-style, stainless steel Liana towel rail is a sleek, space-saving model that’s perfect for smaller bathrooms. It’s also available in both central heating and electric versions.


Sometimes the best space-saving radiators appear in unusual forms. Bench radiators combine heating and seating to create a practical and stylish interiors option. They’re perfect for porches, boot rooms, bay window areas and even conservatories. They could even replace seating around a dining table – the options really are endless!

Our Bench dual-purpose column radiator delivers excellent heat output. The solid oak wood top is both practical and comfortable. Other wooden tops are available on request.


Vertical models are yet another great possibility if you’re trying to source stylish space-saving radiators. They’re an excellent way to maximise wall space – often the best option if the room in question is small. The fact that they are tall and slim allows them to fit into spaces that can’t accommodate traditional horizontal models. So if you have an “awkward” narrow spot that won’t work with anything else, think up instead of across.

Another big advantage of vertical radiators is that they free up more wall space for furniture. This is great news for small rooms, because keeping the central area clear helps to make a room look bigger.

Our Vulcano model features a unique shaped tube that delivers excellent heat output for size – important for smaller rooms. It’s available in single, double, vertical, horizontal and towel rail versions, plus a host of different colour options.


As always, there is one key practicality to consider when buying new radiators, however big or small your space. How much heat does your room need? A radiator’s heat output/efficiency is calculated in BTUs (British Thermal Units).  Factors such as window size and wall materials should be taken into consideration, as well as the room dimensions. Smaller spaces won’t require the same sort of heat levels as your larger rooms. However, it’s worth checking that your space-saving radiator is powerful enough for a big room that’s an unusual or awkward shape. So do make sure that you ask a reputable heating engineer for advice. Our simply use our online heat calculator for a useful guide.

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