Ideas for the perfect home office

Unprecedented numbers of us are now working from home, thanks to the emergence of the Coronavirus. Makeshift home offices have been set up all over the country – some more sophisticated than others. It’s likely that working from home will remain the ‘new normal’ for some time to come. Even when the immediate COVID19 danger is over, businesses will take time to adjust. And it’s also possible many people will be keen to continue with this model, on a full- or part-time basis. After all, there are many proven advantages to working from home, even when it’s not enforced by the government. Distractions are minimised, it cuts out the commute, this allows for more flexible working hours and it’s often cheaper.

With all non-essential shops now closed, it’s difficult to suddenly create a new home office from scratch. So that dedicated new workspace makeover might have to wait until the current coronavirus crisis is over. However, there are a number of steps you can take now, to create an area that’s conducive to quiet and concentration. And planning what to do in the future is an enjoyable way to escape the worry of the world as it is today!

Thinking of creating a specialist home office? Make sure you incorporate heating solutions in your planning. It’s hard to be productive if you’re shivering with cold! Our extensive portfolio is sure to have a radiator model that suits your needs, space and budget

Location, location, location

Where exactly your home office is located is the first big decision to make. Usually, we’d advise that you take into consideration the nature of your work, and the other people you live with. For example, if you need peace, quiet and privacy, a dedicated study, loft conversion, or garage conversion is ideal. If, however, you need to multitask while working (keeping an eye on small children, perhaps), that’s not the best solution. Consider instead a workspace in or near your lounge or kitchen. If space is really at a premium, then even a spare bedroom corner will do. In the current climate especially, we all have to make the best of what we already have. So think creatively. Could you modify your guest room? Clear out the garage? Create a work zone in your living room? Is there space on your landing that could accommodate a computer desk and chair?

When considering home office locations, think hard about power and heat sources. You’ll probably need to plug in a computer at the very least, and possibly a printer too. If it’s dark, you might need a desk lamp. Bear in mind that it’s hard to focus if you’re freezing. Make sure there’s a radiator near or within your workspace, to keep it adequately heated.

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Small is beautiful

When space is at a premium, it’s especially important to maximise your wall space. For a home office, a wall-mounted unit that doubles as a desk is a great option. Vertical radiators are also worth considering. Because they are tall and slim, they’re a brilliant way to make use of a narrow wall that can’t really accommodate anything else. They also help to free up central space within a room. They do this by allowing office or other furniture to be placed against walls that would otherwise be hosting horizontal radiators.

Our Delta radiator features slimline panels of either brushed or polished silver steel. These can be set together in four or seven elements, to create a striking look that maximises wall space

Get into the garden

Another potential option to consider when creating your home office is a garden room. Under normal circumstances, this would be a fast, cost-effective way to expand your existing space, without the stress of moving house. Garden rooms are an increasingly popular option for stand-alone home office spaces.

Most garden rooms are classed as permitted development, so there’s not even any need to apply for planning permission. However, there are a few restrictions to bear in mind. Firstly, they must be single storey. They must not take up more than half of your garden. No balconies or verandas are allowed. And they must not be used as full-time accommodation.

If the idea of a garden office appeals, you’ll need to think about how you heat it. The best options will depend on size, how often you plan to use it and, of course, your budget. Will your garden room be mostly in the shade? Will it be required for year-round use? What other heat loss and insulation factors should you consider? Our online Heat Calculator can give you a good idea of all your garden home office heating requirements. All you need to do is enter a few simple details and measurements. It will then estimate the number of BTUS (British Thermal Units) required.

Electric radiators

Electric radiators could well be perfect for your home office – garden or otherwise. Their big advantage is that they work independently. So they offer a huge amount of flexibility and temperature control. That’s because they simply plug into the mains electricity, so they’re ideal if your garden room has no gas supply. You turn them on when you need them, and turn them off when you don’t.

Modern electric radiators combine both form and function. Our stylish new Vela model emits heat efficiently and consistently, with no cold spots or slow heat up times. It even comes with a stylish controller that’s built-in and easy to use.

Enjoy complete control over your heating requirements, with our new Vela electric radiator. It’s perfect for rooms that aren’t used all day every day, such as a garden home office


Our radiators are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes, colours and finishes. If you have something specific in mind – or don’t know where to start – call us on 01842 810 833. We have more than 20 years’ experience in the heating industry, and we’ll be pleased to advise.