Tall radiators: home trends

As the year gets underway, some early design trends are already beginning to emerge. Tall radiators (vertical radiators) continue to grow in popularity. So what is driving this growth – and what are the advantages? As you might expect, there are a number of different reasons…

Vertical radiator design

First and foremost, modern radiators are much more than just a heat source. They have fast become a key part of every room’s aesthetic, so the options aren’t limited to the traditional white rad. Today, radiators regularly make a style statement or create a focal point. A carefully chosen model can completely transform the look and feel of your space, as well as keep you warm. In terms of basic heat output, there is no difference between horizontal and tall radiators. The shape itself is irrelevant. But the size of your radiator is important – as is its material. However, a vertical model could well give you more options regarding the former, which could indirectly keep you warmer.

Our Dune stainless steel tall radiator offers classic proportions and elegant simplicity, making it ideal for both traditional and contemporary settings. It is available in three different heights – and two different widths – for maximum versatility.

Maximise your wall space

Room layout is a key factor when choosing whether to install either horizontal or tall radiators. If your wall space is limited, for whatever reason, vertical radiators are an excellent choice. Being tall and slim, they are ideal if you want to make use of a narrow, ‘dead’ space. They are also a smart option if your room is square, but small.

The easiest way to create more central space is to place your furniture against the walls. However, if much of that wall space is already hosting a traditional horizontal radiator, there’s an obvious problem. Your furniture will absorb a lot of the heat it emits, meaning your room will still feel chilly. Another issue to consider? The heat might even damage your furniture!

Tall radiators are the perfect way to maximise your living space – and potentially reduce your heating bills. So think up, not across, to take full advantage of all possible radiator locations!

If your room is lucky enough to have large floor-to-ceiling windows, make the most of the space in between with a tall radiator such as our Vela flat-panel model. This brand new electric version emits heat consistently and efficiently, reaches optimum temperature fast, and is free from cold spots. It also comes with a stylish, built-in controller that’s easy to use.

Window wisdom

Tall radiators are also a great choice if your rooms are large, but have lots of windows. Previously, the only option was to shoehorn in a small horizontal model underneath the window in question. Instead, consider siting two vertical radiators either side of your window. This would not only free up space in front of your window, it could also offer additional heat.

Style and substance

Tall radiators have other advantages, aside from practical issues. Quite simply, they look amazing. Vertical radiators are available in a huge range of styles, shapes, materials and colours. This means you can customise them to your interior design plan, and use them to make a serious style statement.

Increasingly, radiators are no longer an afterthought. When we plan a makeover or create a design scheme, the radiators are just as important as anything else. Nowadays, you can tailor your radiator choice to match your interiors. So, whether your décor is classic or contemporary, there’s a tall radiator to suit. All you have to do is choose the best size, finish, material and colour!

Our stylish, slimline Ruvo radiator is manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium. Its high heat output and low water content make it cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. 

New hues for your home

Henry Ford famously declared that customers could have any colour car, as long as it was black. Conversely, white used to be the only available option for domestic radiators. How times have changed! Tall radiators are now available in a huge range of colours, so you can select a shade that blends with your décor. Alternatively, make a statement with a bright accent colour – the options are endless.

Did you know that DQ Heating has its own powder-coating facility at our UK factory? That means you’re spoiled for choice, with more than 250 different finishes available from stock. So you can match your radiator to almost anything else within your room, or choose a contrasting hue for added impact.

Our Vulcano radiator has a unique shaped tube that delivers excellent heat output for its size. It’s available in single, double, vertical, horizontal and towel rail versions, and comes in a host of different colour options and finishes.

Power and output

Before you set your heart on a new tall radiator, familiarise yourself with BTUs (British thermal units). These are the measurements of a radiator’s efficiency. You must make sure that the model of your choice is able to heat the area it’s been selected for. Any reputable heating engineer will be able to advise you. Alternatively, try our online heat calculator for some useful guidance.

Our new mild steel Tao tall radiator incorporates style, quality and durability. Its curved vertical bar design is perfect for contemporary interiors

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