Focus on: stainless steel radiators

The UK lockdown might be easing significantly, but there’s no sign of a slow-down in DIY. This year, we seem to have discovered a real passion for home improvement. The COVID-19 crisis has prompted a period of re-evaluation that encompasses all areas of life, including our domestic environment. What we do – and expect – from our homes has changed, perhaps forever. For many of us, the family house is now a place to work, exercise, study and socialise, and we’re keen to transform them accordingly. Consequently, kitchens, bathrooms and living/family rooms are taking centre stage among home renovation projects. Heating solutions should be a key part of this process in order to prepare for the cooler months ahead. So, we look at all the advantages of stainless steel radiators for you to make a more informed decision to help you buy.

Stainless steel radiators aren’t just excellent heat conductors – they look super stylish too. Feast your eyes on our Cove vertical stainless steel model, which features sleek, polished, oval-shaped tubes

Radiator materials

Many people have no idea what their radiators are (or could be!) made from. For years, we used them and nobody paid much attention to them. How times have changed – and how much more choice there is now! To sum up, radiators consist of conductive metals and the most common materials are cast iron, aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel. Each has its own pros and cons in terms of appearance, energy efficiency, maintenance and price.

Here’s our popular Cove stainless steel radiator fitted horizontally. We think this would work wonderfully in a modern home office setting – what about you?

Why choose stainless steel radiators?

Stainless steel radiators have many advantages. First and foremost, they are excellent heat conductors. Compared with, say, cast iron radiators, they heat up reasonably quickly. And they retain heat for a long time, keeping your home warm even after your central heating system has switched off.

Another big bonus of stainless steel radiators is that they are easy to look after. Stainless steel is super durable – so stainless steel radiators are more resistant to rust and corrosion. They are also easy to keep clean. A quick wipe-down with warm water and a mild detergent is all that’s needed to keep them spotless and shiny. So while they aren’t the cheapest option, they do offer value for money, in terms of maintenance and longevity.

Looking for a contemporary radiator for your kitchen/dining space? Our Delta model, available in either brushed or polished stainless steel, is a striking addition to any room. It can also be positioned horizontally if required

Stainless steel also scores well in terms of eco credentials. It’s 100% recyclable, which makes it very eco-friendly. It’s estimated that recycled steel is used to manufacture well over 50% of all new stainless steel radiators.

Another big advantage of stainless steel is its versatility. Nowadays, radiators don’t have to be bland and boring. Contemporary radiators are available in a huge range of different shades and styles. Stainless steel lends itself well to customisation in terms of both colour and finish. So it’s a material that not only performs well, but can be made to look super stylish too.

Stainless steel radiators making the grade

However, it’s important to realise that not all stainless steel is the same. There are well over 100 different grades available – and not all of them are suitable for radiators. At DQ Heating we use Grade 304 for our stainless steel radiators. It’s sometimes known as ‘18/8’ because it’s composed of 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

Grade 304 stainless steel is the best choice for radiators. Not only does it withstand rust and corrosion, it can be worked into a variety of shapes, like our new, eye-catching Jango Towel Rail

The main advantage of Grade 304 stainless steel is its ability to withstand corrosion. Radiators contain hot water. When water and metal interact, oxidation takes place, which can cause small metal particles to break off inside. In turn, this can cause sludge to build up inside your system, causing cold patches and even blockages. Using Grade 304 stainless steel helps to prevent this from happening.

Our Zante stainless steel towel rail has a subtle bow front to add interest. It’s available in three different heights, and two different widths

Yet another benefit of using Grade 304 is its formability. As an austenitic alloy, it’s strong and flexible. This means you can use it to create a variety of shapes, with no detriment to its durability or strength. As a result, stainless steel radiators are available in a huge range of sizes and designs, including tall/vertical models.

Stainless steel towel rails

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a new bathroom radiator, including space, height and size. Stainless steel towel rails are an enduringly popular choice, for all the reasons you’d expect. They’re sleek, stylish and, thanks to their ability to withstand rust, perfect for a wet/humid environment. As their name suggests, they don’t just heat your bathroom – they keep your towels warm and fluffy too.

Minimalist fans will adore our Siena stainless steel towel rail, now available in six widths and four heights

A stainless steel towel rail is also the perfect choice to coordinate with your tapware, for that perfect pulled-together décor. Brushed stainless steel taps don’t just look great. Unlike their chrome-plated cousins, dirty fingerprints will not easily tarnish them, so they’re much easier to keep clean.


Like the look of this super stylish Inox 5 Hole Stainless Steel Bath Shower Mixer? Match it with one of our stainless steel towel rails or radiators to add some serious metallic magic to your bathroom décor

Matching with metallics

Metallics remains one of the most enduringly popular tends within home interiors. Stainless steel towel rails and radiators fit seamlessly within this aesthetic, especially within kitchens and bathroom. Mixing metallics with other materials, especially wood, is a great way to add instant warmth and interest. A statement steel radiator also works as an eye-catching metallic centrepiece within a contemporary lounge or dining room.

Our Mahana towel rail combines warm, natural wood tones with a timeless brushed stainless finish. It’s available in both central heating and electric versions

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