Living room radiators for the home

Welcome to January! After the festivities of December, the first month of the year can seem a little bleak. It’s still dark, it’s still cold, and spring seems a long way away. But January doesn’t have to be joyless. The first month of the year is the perfect time for new beginnings – and the ideal opportunity to refresh your home. It’s likely that you spend a lot of time in your living room during the winter. So this is a great place to start any type of interiors renovation or revamp. This is the space where family and friends congregate, so it needs to be warm and welcoming – which means your heat source is important.

But these days, radiators aren’t just a utilitarian essential. The huge range of chic, colourful designer styles available means that radiators now have an aesthetic function too. So don’t settle for boring or bland! Updating your living room radiators is an easy way to transform a space, and showcase your individual style. Put some joy into January with a living room revamp. Changing your radiators gives an instant update to your style aesthetic.

Our best-selling Cove mild steel model is available in a huge range of sizes and finishes – which one is your favourite?

Size and space

Before you start browsing, think sensibly about your space. How big is your living room? How much heat do you really need? And how many radiators are required to provide it? Assess everything – not just the square metres. For example, does your living room have good levels of insulation? What are the wall materials? Are the windows double glazed?

Next you need to think about the BTUs (British thermal units). This is how a radiator’s heat output/efficiency is calculated. Different shapes, styles and materials have different heat output capacities. So make sure you know what your living room radiators need to be capable of, before you make your purchase. If you’re at all unsure, ask a reputable heating engineer for advice. Or simply click here to get some useful guidance about size and output from our handy online heat calculator.

Keep it classic

Classic cast iron is an excellent heat conductor. So if your space is big, this material is a great choice for your living room radiators. Because they’re so efficient, you could even choose a smaller model, versus an equivalent steel or aluminium counterpart. Cast iron radiators do take a little longer to heat up than other materials. However, once at temperature they retain their heat for longer.

Another bonus of cast iron for your living room radiators? They look amazing, especially within period properties – although they can also be customised with different finishes for a more contemporary look.

Our 6 column cast iron radiator is an excellent example of the versatility of cast iron. It features a timeless 1930s design with clean, crisp lines, rounded shoulders and bold, splayed feet. It’s even available in four different heights. Thanks to its superior heat output, our 6 column cast iron radiator is also perfect for larger living spaces with high ceilings.

Up, up and away

If you’re looking for inspiration for your new living room radiators – look up! Vertical radiators (sometimes known as upright radiators) are an increasingly popular choice. Vertical radiators are tall and slim, so they’re perfect if your wall space is limited. They’re also ideal if you’re keen to make use of a specific, narrow area that would otherwise be ‘dead’ space.

Our Bosun mild steel vertical model is a lower water content radiator that delivers excellent output for size. The eye-catching larger 35mm tubes add a stylish touch to any contemporary living space.

Nowadays, we all want to maximise the size and shape of the rooms we have. Placing furniture against the walls gives the impression of more central space. But if your sofa or cabinets are blocking your radiators, they’ll absorb all the heat, leaving your room feeling chilly. So, vertical radiators are a stylish solution to this problem.

Vertical radiators are also a smart choice if you’re lucky enough have lots of large windows. Instead of squeezing a small horizontal model underneath your window, you could place two vertical radiators either side.

If you’re after elegant simplicity and classic proportions, look no further than our Dune stainless steel vertical radiator. It’s even available in three different heights.

Increasingly, vertical radiators are also becoming popular in period properties, as an alternative to cast iron models.

Get clever with colour

While there’s nothing wrong with a cool, classic white radiator, that’s no longer the only option. Previously, a lot of people tried to camouflage their living room radiators. The thinking was that they should blend in as much as possible, not stand out. But nowadays, radiators are increasingly seen as a deliberate and decorative design feature, rather like sculpture or a piece or art. They have become something to showcase, rather than conceal.

Our Vulcano mild steel radiator is available in a whole host of different colour options. Will you go bold and bright or soft and subtle?

Furthermore, installing a coloured radiator is an easy way to introduce an accent colour. You can contrast or co-ordinate this with other shades in your design scheme. Pretty pastels work well within modern interiors. Or go bold and bright if you’re a fan of strong, statement colours.

Our smooth, sleek Cassius designer radiator is a versatile model that suits any living room setting. It looks equally amazing in traditional white – or edgy anthracite grey.

Our state-of-the-art powder coating facility at our UK factory allows us to offer an unrivalled range of radiator shades. You can choose from over 250 different finishes just from stock! However, if you have something specific in mind, just get in touch. We offer a bespoke service, and will do our very best to deliver the living room radiator of your dreams.

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