Design trends: Kitchen radiators

If you’re designing a new kitchen, then heating needs to be an important consideration. So, if your heart’s set on designer kitchen radiators but you just don’t know where to start, read the ultimate guide on how to choose the right heating for your hub of the home.

Choose a horizontal or vertical design from our Adara radiator collection in mild steel for a toasty kitchen with all the style. This attractive model features a traditional-style lacquered varnish, for a luxury finish. So it will work just as well in a classic or contemporary setting.

Choosing the right shape

Whether you’re building a kitchen from scratch, having an extension to create open-plan living or simply planning the heating system in this space, today’s radiators offer you so much more choice. These days, you can choose between horizontal and vertical options. However, you can even mix and match both in an open-plan kitchen diner to fit in perfectly with your design.

There’s no doubt that horizontal models can be cost effective. After all, if you’re updating existing kitchen radiators, you could swap these for more stylish ones with the same dimensions. This way, you’ll save on installation as the pipework will remain the same. You will just need to check your new radiators offer the same heat output.

If you’re looking for versatility from your radiator, our Cove vertical model in mild steel gives the option of a single or double side. There’s a matching horizontal model available, too. Choose from a variety of sizes and finishes for a radiator to suit your individual needs.

Vertical radiators for kitchens can be one of the best ways in which to create a style statement in your hub of the home. In addition, these models make perfect sense if you don’t want to use as much wall space. This style could enable you to create more space for cabinets as, let’s face it, there’s always room for more storage in a fully functional kitchen.

You can ask your heating engineer for advice on the heat output you will need for your kitchen radiators or simply use our online heat calculator.

Calculating the right size

In the kitchen, don’t forget that some heat will be coming from the oven and other appliances, such as your fridge-freezer, too. However, when it comes to determining the heat output for your designer kitchen radiators, your heating engineer could point you in the right direction. This way, they can calculate the right size, capacity and position. In addition, you can use our handy calculator on our website to help determine your required size or output.

Our flat-panel Vela radiator in aluminium makes the perfect choice if you’re looking for a horizontal and/or vertical design, which is slim-line for a more modern, versatile finish. Featuring low water content, this striking model will provide an energy efficient solution without compromising on style. You can even pick a radiator with a striking polished towel bar and we offer an electric only version, too.

Style ideas for kitchen radiators

The open-plan kitchen is now one of the key areas in the home for a multitude of activities. Whether you use this space to prepare food or catch up on an episode of your favourite series on Netflix, functionality will be key. Perhaps you want to use this area to dine with family or entertain friends? If so, style will play an important part in your decision making on your designer kitchen radiators. Once you’ve decided whether you require vertical and/or horizontal kitchen radiators, you can consider the look you’re hoping to achieve.

Put your own personal stamp on your design as you can choose how many columns you may require on our Peta classic radiator. You can even specify a special finish and colour, which will be applied to order.

Material matters

The good news is that there are a whole host of materials to choose from. However, essentially radiators consist of conductive metals, such as cast iron, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Mild steel kitchen radiators, for example, will offer you a whole host of designs and finishes to choose from. In fact, they’re ultra durable, too. Meanwhile, aluminium models are very lightweight and they make super conductors. So, this way, you can benefit from regulating the temperature of a room easily as this material enables these radiators tend to heat up and cool down quickly.

Want to lower your carbon footprint? Then our new Ruvo could be perfect as it has been created using 100% recycled aluminium. This Italian designer model will heat up quickly with a high heat output and low water content. But we think it looks super stylish, too.

Energy efficiency

You can benefit from more efficient kitchen radiators by choosing models with a higher heat output and lower water content. In fact, if you choose an aluminium model, this will be eco-friendly as they are such excellent heat conductors. Look for radiators, which have been made with recycled materials, such as 100% recycled aluminium. This way, you can lower your carbon footprint further.

Our new Aviso has been crafted to achieve superior design which is matched to magnificent heat output, making this a strong contender for a radiator in an open-plan or large area. Made in mild steel, it’s available in a whole host of colour ways, too.

Be creative with colour

At DQ Heating, we’re renowned for the huge variety of colours we offer. In fact, we’ve now got our own powder-coating facility in our UK factory. So, you can benefit from a choice of more than 250 different finishes from stock. We can also feel confident that we have complete control over product quality and continuity.

Perfect for an open-plan kitchen living area, our Modus radiator showcases just how creative you can be with colour. So, you can pick from a wide selection of colours to choose one to suit your home

Now that you’ve seen a small snapshot of the sorts of radiators we can offer you, why not check out our wide range of radiators here?

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