Spotlight on…our director Stewart Double

Our director Stewart Double reveals how DQ Heating has evolved to become the success it is today. You can discover key designer trends for radiators and towel rails, and what it’s really like to work in the family business.

When, how and why did you start DQ Heating?

It all started 15 years ago, as a follow-on from Double Quick Anglia, another company my father started. They’re a plumber’s merchants and a kitchen and bathroom showroom. That company was established 25 years ago, and is now owned by my brother Steven. Starting a company selling designer radiators and towel rails seemed like a natural progression at the time. I had finished an engineering apprenticeship and was working as a production planner. Even though I was the only employee at the time, my father asked if I wanted to run DQ Heating! My engineering background has helped massively when it comes to developing new products.

Stewart Double, our director at DQ Heating

What was the thinking behind the company name?

As with Double Quick Anglia, it’s a play on the family name – Double. It seemed natural at the time to continue the theme.  Originally, it always was Double Quick Heating but it’s been shortened over time.

What is your role today and how has this evolved over time?

My role is very different today from what it was originally. When I started at DQ Heating there was only me, so I was used to doing everything. Answering phone calls, faxes and emails, as well as preparing and dispatching the goods to our customers – and anything in between!

I am still heavily involved in the processes we use for our radiators and towel rails portfolio. I also have a very good understanding of how each person fulfils their role within DQ. But we all work together as a team and I go where I’m needed.

Stewart was involved in every aspect of the business when he started and he still keeps an active role in all the processes

How would you sum up your business ethos?

Above anything else, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We also want to continually develop and provide the best quality products, at the best prices. And it doesn’t matter why we’re contacted. We always make sure everything is dealt with properly, and as quickly as possible.

Stewart is joined by business development manager Jody Loram at DQ Heating HQ

What are the advantages of working in a family business? Any drawbacks?

There are no drawbacks at all – working with my wife is amazing!

In all seriousness, the main benefit is that we do not have an overly complicated management structure within the business. It is easy for any member of staff to ask any one of us a direct question and get a simple answer. We can also make quick decisions and change our approach depending on the demands on the business.

Tell us all about your typical day working with radiators and towel rails:

I generally get to the office just after 7am to give me time to prepare for the working day. This usually involves a few cups of coffee first thing. We have a daily meeting around 8am, which sets up everything for that particular day. This includes any potential problems that need to be addressed, and the production schedule for our powder coating plant. I am still heavily involved in all the processes that we undertake. Given the demands of a growing business, I do not think there is such thing as a ‘typical working day’. That’s partly why I still find it all so enjoyable.

Check out our new stainless-steel Koha from the bathroom collection  

Why did you choose Thetford Forest, Norfolk, for your radiators and towel rails distribution hub and factory?

We moved to Thetford in August 2014. We were originally based in Brandon, which is only a few miles away across the Norfolk/Suffolk border. We’d ended up with several properties in Brandon. So our main objective was to move to larger premises, which could house all our stock. Thetford’s transport links and business infrastructure are a lot stronger than Brandon’s. This has also been a key factor in our growth.

Our Modus is the perfect example of one of our column radiators. Which you can choose in an endless number of colour ways to suit you

Which key trends have you noticed in designs for radiators and towel rails this season?

Colours seem to be a big trend in the designer radiator & towel rail market. There are already quite a few different shapes and sizes of radiators available. When you add colours to the mix, the options are endless. Colour can turn even the most classic of radiators into something ultra-modern or contemporary. Column radiators are a perfect example of this. Steel column radiators have been around for 100 years, and the market is still growing.  Last year we invested in a new, state-of-the-art powder coating facility that’s installed at our factory. We now have the option of completing our products in an endless number of colours to meet our customers’ exact requirements. Another advantage of having our own powder coating facility is that we have even more control over quality and lead times.

What are the advantages of vertical radiators, versus the more traditional horizontal versions?

It is honestly all about personal choice and what suits your room/space better. There are so many options available now.  This ensures that everyone can find a product that fits their requirements, and gives them the look that they want.

Sleek and chic, our new vertical Tao radiator features in our designer collection in mild steel for a premium finish

Do you have a favourite radiator style, design or collection?

All of us here at DQ love the new Infinity Steel products – the finish is superb. I would also include the new wooden and stainless towel rails (the Mahana & Koha). They are something completely different! We love anything that can be totally transformed in our powder coating plant. It’s exciting to see all the different colours and finishes being produced.

Tell us more about your new radiators and towel rails:

We have introduced many new models that enhance our range. We have such a large selection of different types now and they all complement each other.

Looking for a pop of colour in your home? Our Cube Horizontal radiator comes in a whole host of colours, including this beautiful bold yellow

You mentioned that coloured radiators are becoming more popular. What’s prompted this?

It’s true that coloured radiators are becoming more and more popular. I think it’s exciting to be able to tailor your radiator to your exact colour requirements. The options really are endless.

What are your best-selling radiators and towel rails?

The best-selling products for us are still the classic column radiators. Sales of our Modus, for instance, are getting stronger every year. This model can be modern, contemporary or classic, depending on the colour you choose. We also have designer models like the Cove & Cassius that are really popular, and are now available in any colour.

Our new Ruvo radiator features an Italian design and it’s manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium, for an ultra-stylish, eco-friendly design for modern living

What advice would you give to anyone looking to update their radiators and towel rails?

Do it! Changing your radiators and towel rails can totally transform a room. They’re now such statement pieces, and can say so much about a person’s design style. Go bold with colour – there’s no need to play it safe anymore!

How can a customer achieve a bespoke service from DQ Heating?

Contacting us is easy. You can either call 01842 810833 or email We’ll be happy to help and advise in any way we can. Furthermore, any of the showrooms that supply our products will also be able to assist.

How would your friends describe you?

Probably easy-going and sociable.

Stewart enjoys cycling in his spare time

How do you like to relax in your spare time?

The usual ways, I suppose. Spending time with my family and friends, going out for dinner, travelling. I’m also quite active so I enjoy running, and going out on my road or mountain bike.

What are your favourite things about Norwich? What would your recommendations be for a first-time visitor to the area?

I love how it’s quite a relaxed city. It has lots of excellent bars and restaurants, plus good shopping, yet still has plenty of easy-going charm. The castle is worth a visit, as is the dry ski slope. Plus it’s close to the Broads and Norfolk beaches. Lastly, let’s not forget it’s one of the pub capitals of the country!

Where do you see yourself and the radiators and towel rails business at DQ Heating in ten years’ time?

I am not entirely sure about myself. But I would like DQ Heating to continue to grow, while keeping the personal relationships it has with our customers. I have no desire to be the biggest, or to have the largest market share. I want to offer a quality range of products, while making every purchase as smooth as possible for our customers.

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