Energy efficiency: designer radiators

For obvious reasons, most of us have been spending much more time at home lately. We may be saving money in certain areas, but spending more in others. Utility bills are a good example. Working practices have changed, in many cases for the foreseeable future. Home offices require light and heat – as do kitchens, living rooms and communal family areas. So there’s never been a better time to assess your home’s energy efficiency. Making the right choices and changes isn’t just better for the planet – it’s kinder for your purse too. But don’t wait for the cold weather to return! It might seem strange to be thinking about your radiators just as summer is starting. But planning ahead is key if you want to ensure your home is warm, welcoming and energy-efficient by the time winter arrives.

The advantage of aluminium

Hands up if you know what your radiators are actually made of? And there’s a bonus point on offer if you know what the most energy-efficient material is! Radiators consist of conductive metals, such as cast iron and stainless steel. Aluminium is one of the best options if you want to prioritise energy efficiency. That’s because it’s an excellent thermal conductor, and is able to heat up very quickly. Aluminium radiators transfer heat from the water inside them to the air in the room outside faster than other materials. This means they need less heated water from your boiler to function effectively. They are also faster to respond to any changes to your room’s heating requirements. All of which can add up to significant savings, in terms of both energy and money.

These days, you don’t have to sacrifice style on the altar of energy efficiency. Take a look at our Ruvo radiator. This Italian designer model features 100% recycled aluminium. It has a high heat output and a low water content – and it looks absolutely fabulous!

Electric options

Electric radiators are another option that’s well worth exploring when prioritising energy efficiency. Their big advantage is that each electric radiator can work independently. This means they offer maximum control over both your individual room temperatures and overall energy usage. So when you’ve finished working from home for the day, you can simply switch off the radiator in your “office”. But the other rooms in your home can stay cosy and warm.

Another big bonus is that 100% of the electricity these radiators use converts directly into heat. Nothing is wasted while water heats up and travels around your pipes. Contemporary models heat up fast too, with no cold spots, which used to be a problem with some older-style electric radiators. These days they require minimal maintenance/servicing too – plus they’re fast and easy to install.

Our elegant flat panel Vela aluminium radiator is available in a wide range of different options, including electric. It offers a sleek, stylish, energy-efficient heating solution in both horizontal and vertical formats

When less means more

It’s not just the material of your radiators that’s important when assessing energy efficiency. The amount of water they use is significant too. A radiator that’s able to use less water, at a lower temperature, using less boiler energy, is obviously more efficient. So radiators that feature a low water content are an excellent choice. We offer a wide selection of such models, in a huge range of colours, materials and sizes, to efficiently heat every room in your house.

Looking for a contemporary, energy-efficient bathroom radiator? Our low water content Felucca designer towel rail ticks all the boxes. It’s available in two heights, and four different widths. There are over 300 stock colours to choose from, too!

Controlling the carbon footprint

Energy efficiency isn’t just about how well your radiators work. It applies to how they’re manufactured too. Being as environmentally friendly as possible is important to us. That’s why we continue to work hard to combine this philosophy with quality and customer choice.

Our new, state-of-the-art powder coating facility at our factory has helped us to reduce our carbon footprint. Being able to finish such a large proportion of our portfolio in-house minimises product miles too. It also ensures we have even more control over the quality of the radiators we supply. And it gives our customers an unlimited range of colours and finishes to choose from.

Radiators don’t have to be classic white. Get clever with colour! Our UK powder coating facility offers hundreds of different shades from stock. We even offer a bespoke service if you have something super specialist in mind

Maintenance and servicing

Radiator maintenance is another important factor to consider if you want to maximise energy efficiency. There are a few tasks to tackle if you want to keep your central heating running as effectively as possible. Bleeding your radiators from time to time is one of them.

Bleeding your radiators helps to keep them running efficiently and effectively. It’s a fairly simple procedure that involves removing any trapped air inside

The terminology might sound a little daunting, but there’s nothing medical involved! Bleeding a radiator simply releases any trapped air inside. This air displaces the hot water that usually heats your radiators. So, if the top section feels cool, even when your heating is on, the problem could be trapped air.

Sludge and limescale (if you live in a hard water area) are other issues that can impair your radiators’ energy efficiency. It is possible to remove both yourself by “flushing”, or you could consult a professional plumber. Regardless, we recommend that your system is serviced annually by a professional heating engineer. They’ll be able to identify any problems early, minimise general wear and tear, and ensure that everything is safe.

Don’t skimp on an annual service by a professional heating engineer! This not only maximises energy efficiency, it ensures that your system is safe

We understand that new radiators can represent a significant investment. And it can be difficult to identify the reputable retailers from the reprobates. DQ Heating is a proud member of The Manufacturers’ Association of Radiators and Convectors (MARC). It’s an organisation that’s committed to product satisfaction and consumer assurance. Members pledge to uphold standards, and ensure industry-wide compliance with the Construction Products Regulations. So when you purchase from us, you can rest assured you’re dealing with a trustworthy business, where customer satisfaction is paramount.