Home improvements: the bedroom

Lockdown has inspired lots of people to consider home improvements. So, right now we know you’re probably looking at ways in which to revamp and redecorate your homes. And the master bedroom is one of the easiest rooms to refresh so this is a great place to start.

Lockdown has meant that most of us are spending far more time at home than we used to. We are working, socialising, eating and shopping from home. Rooms now have to multitask more than ever before, as they accommodate more people, fulfilling different roles, at different times. It’s hardly surprising, then, that huge numbers of us are turning to DIY in earnest, in order to refresh our environment. Chaucer declared a long time ago that familiarity breeds contempt – and some things never change! If you’re fed up of staring at the same four walls, home improvements can work wonders for your wellbeing. Why not start with your bedroom? It’s one of the easiest rooms in your house to overhaul.

Your bedroom is much more than just somewhere to sleep. It’s a place to escape from the outside world, where you can relax and recharge. So when it comes to home improvements in this room, give it the TLC it deserves

There are lots of things to consider when you’re planning your bedroom revamp, including layout, colour, furniture, lighting and accessories. One key thing for home improvements that’s often overlooked until last, however, is the heating. But your bedroom radiator should never be an afterthought. Its location, size, style and shape can make or break a design scheme, so do consider your options carefully.

It might seem strange to be thinking about heating solutions in high summer. But now is actually the best time to get this type of home improvements work done. After all, we don’t need our central heating on when the weather is warm. So if won’t matter if your boiler is offline – or your radiators are being replaced – while any work is being completed.

The bedroom office

If your bedroom is big enough, it’s an obvious location for your new home office. For many of us, some form of working from home is likely to be the reality for the foreseeable future. If you don’t have a spare room to convert, there are plenty of ways to adapt your existing bedroom instead.

The main requirements for a home office are, of course, a suitable desk and chair. Your space will dictate the size, but there are endless options to consider in terms of style. Space-saving solutions with built-in storage are perfect for bijou bedrooms. The latest foldaway furniture, like this Esme collection from Made, is also worth considering. Sprawling industrial-chic desks will suit a contemporary décor and make your home improvements really stand out. A neutral white desk is endlessly versatile, and could easily double up as a dressing table.

Contemporary radiator styles work well within a home office environment. Stainless steel is stylish without being obtrusive, while flat panels add a modern, minimalist touch. Vertical models continue to grow in popularity, and are ideal for tall but narrow walls.

Our sleek, elegant Dune model is an ideal radiator for the modern home office/bedroom environment. It’s available in three different heights, and two different widths, for maximum versatility

Be clever with colour

It’s vital to choose a bedroom colour scheme that suits the room’s purpose – and your personality. For most people, that means soothing, restful shades rather than bold, bright primary colours everywhere. Grey remains enduringly popular, as do pastel shades of blue and green. Neutral beige is a useful base that won’t date, but can be dressed up beautifully with other tints and textures.

But the colour in your bedroom doesn’t have to come from your walls. These days, radiators don’t have to be white. A coloured radiator is a brilliant way to add a ‘pop’ of brightness to your bedroom, so don’t be afraid to get creative with colour. A radiator accent shade of yellow, blue or pink can easily be echoed in other accessories, such as rugs, cushions or curtains. It’s an economical way to update a colour scheme, and add interest to an otherwise neutral décor.

Our Cube mild steel radiator, in this sunshine shade of yellow, is the perfect way to brighten up any bedroom. It’s available in a wide range of widths and heights. It can also be hung horizontally or vertically, to suit your space requirements

The open-plan option

They aren’t for everyone, but open-plan bedroom-bathrooms are a growing architectural trend, especially at loft level. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge into this style of home improvements, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy by merging these two rooms. Lighting is the main one: the lack of dividing walls allows more natural light to flood a room. A combined bedroom-bathroom can also feel significantly more spacious than two small, separate rooms. And they ooze of-the-moment minimalism. So if you’re a fan of light, bright and uncluttered – and aren’t fazed by the idea of bathing in sight of your bed – open-plan could be the option for you.

Your bedroom-bathroom radiator will need to look equally at home in both spaces. Our luxury Rebo radiator fits the bill perfectly. We think it’s one of the most exciting new additions to the DQ portfolio. It’s even available in both central heating and electric versions

A special sanctuary

Sometimes your bedroom is the only space you can escape to for some well-deserved peace and quiet. It might be where you indulge your guilty pleasure for trashy TV. Maybe it’s where you go to meditate or practise mindfulness. Or perhaps it’s the room where you just sit quietly and read.

If space allows, creating a special ‘nook’ within your bedroom is a great idea. This area might include an accent chair and footstool in a reading corner – or even a decadent chaise longue! A window seat with a view, where you can just sit and stare, is another restorative option. Whatever you choose to do in your special space, make sure it’s adequately heated. Remember, installing a vertical radiator will free up more wall space for a bookcase or TV cabinet. So think up, not just across, when considering possible radiator locations.

Our Cove radiator is a superb heat emitter, and is available either single or double sided, in both horizontal and vertical designs

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