Coloured radiators and towel rails

Not many people would disagree that 2020 has, on so many levels, been a dark and dismal year. For anyone interested in colour psychology, literal darkness has many implications. Colour impacts almost everything we think, do and feel. It can influence our mood, our behaviour, our emotions and even our opinions. So whatever we wear, and how we decorate our homes, is hugely important. Shades of grey, navy and black are enduringly popular, within both fashion and interiors. But there’s a lot to be said for introducing some colour to your home décor – and we think your radiators are a great place to start!

The rise of coloured radiators

Plain white used to be the default colour for radiators, but times have certainly changed. Demand for coloured radiators is growing exponentially, as more people become aware of the many options available. Coloured radiators can work well in every room in your home. You can go bold and bright with contrast shades, or match your coloured radiator to the rest of your décor. Either way, it’s time to move away from the idea that your radiator is something to hide or camouflage. The modern radiator is much more than a mere heating appliance. Think of it as a statement decorative feature, to be celebrated as opposed to concealed.


Coloured radiators and towel rails are on the rise – and it’s easy to see why. We love how our curved Orion model brightens this neutral bathroom, highlighting how pops of colour work well within both modern and traditional settings

Living room radiators

Contemporary coloured radiators really can give your living space a lift. If you’re not sure where to start, why not coordinate with other accessories, such as shelving, cushions or rugs? Or if you’re feeling adventurous, choose a bright, contrasting colour. Blue works almost everywhere – not just in bathrooms or bedrooms. It’s considered to stimulate mental activity, but also instil confidence, calm and connection, making it perfect for your lounge or home office. Pantone’s Colour of the year for 2020 is PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue, a versatile, gender-neutral shade that suits all seasons. It pairs well with a range of different neutrals, and works equally well with bolder shades of yellow, green or red.

The timeless design of our Modus Mild Steel Column Radiator gets a fresh twist with this on-trend shade of blue. We think it looks absolutely fantastic against this bright yellow wall!

Home office radiators

Many of us seem set to continue working from home, in one format or another, for the foreseeable future. So if you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated home office space, consider adding interest with a coloured radiator.

Pale, neutral colour schemes are very popular for home offices, for obvious reasons. A lack of distraction is important in order to maintain concentration levels. And many work spaces have to multi-task outside of office hours, so versatility is key.

But a single pop of colour, via a contemporary radiator, can make a work space so much more interesting and pleasant to spend time in. Coloured radiators are a great way to inject some of your personality into your work environment. They can even help to chase away the gloom of a typical UK autumnal day!

We love how this bright aqua shade of our Tornado vertical flat panel radiator adds interest to the neutral colour scheme of this home office space, without overpowering the work environment

Bedroom radiators

Your home’s bedrooms are a bit special. Usually a private space, they represent an opportunity to go off-piste, decoratively speaking. There’s plenty of scope to go wild and experiment if you so wish. The decor doesn’t need to be suitable for visitors, or require the approval of other family members (except perhaps your partner!). So if you’ve always hankered after something wild, wonderful and utterly offbeat, this is the room to try it. And coloured radiators are the perfect way to make a serious style statement!

If you’re redecorating your bedroom from scratch, free your imagination. Don’t limit yourself to what’s considered “sensible” or “enduring”. Make a focus of your favourite colour. Passionate about purple? Ardent about orange?

Choose that for your coloured bedroom radiator, and construct the rest of your décor around it.


A vertical radiator is a brilliant solution for narrow but tall wall spaces. We love how this bright orange shade makes our flat panel Drifter model really pop, adding instant warmth and cheer to this children’s bedroom

Bathroom radiators

Bathrooms and cloakrooms are usually the smallest rooms in our home, which is why white colour schemes are so popular for these areas. Lighter colours open up a room, making it feel bigger and airy. Conversely, darker colours tend to absorb light, which makes a room look smaller. Happily, coloured radiators give you lots of opportunity to escape a bland and boring bathroom, regardless of its size (or lack thereof).

Make a serious style statement in your bathroom with our new Tornado T towel rail, available in a huge range of different colours, and in both central heating and electric versions

If you’re still not quite ready to take the plunge with a coloured radiator, why not consider metallics instead? In terms of materials, stainless steel is an excellent heat conductor. It heats up fairly quickly, retains heat for ages, and it’s easy to look after, too. But choosing stainless steel doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with only silver as a colour. Our new Rosa model, for example, features two lacquered finishes over polished stainless steel, for a sophisticated towel rail option.


Crazy about copper? You’ll love this eye-catching lacquer finish on our new Rosa towel rail, also available in black nickel

Got a specific shade in mind for your coloured radiators, but haven’t seen it anywhere? We have a state-of-the art powder coating facility at our UK factory, so we’re able to create a huge array of customised colours and finishes. This way, you’ll benefit from the correct colour and a finish which will stand the test of time. Simply give us a call on 01842 810 833 and we’ll be happy to help.