Modern radiators for stylish living

There’s something super motivating about the start of spring. A new season always offers scope for fresh beginnings. As the days get longer and lighter, there’s more time and opportunity to reassess our homes – and how we heat them. But modern radiators are far more than simply functional. Yes, of course they keep us warm, but nowadays they also play a key role in terms of design and decor. There’s a staggering array of radiator choice regarding colours, styles, materials and finishes. So whatever your personal preferences, we’re certain to have something that suits. At DQ Heating we’ve worked hard to create super-stylish heating solutions for every room in your home. We asked our director Stewart Double to share his expert eye and opinion on what works best, and where. Read on to be inspired!

Modern radiators for your kitchen

These days, the kitchen is often the heart of the home. It’s usually the room that works the hardest, and nowadays, it often needs to multi-task too. No longer is the kitchen just the room where meals are prepared – especially if your layout is open-plan. Contemporary kitchens are multi-tasking environments that can include dining and entertainment spaces, gaming areas, relaxation zones, and even home offices.

So before you make any decisions about your kitchen radiators, it’s vital to assess how you use the space available. What’s your layout like? Is your kitchen large, light and airy, or dense or compact? Does your wall space come at a premium? Do you have an island? Are you happy with the flow?

Tall radiators are the ideal way to maximise any living space. So if your kitchen wall space is limited, for whatever reason, do consider vertical models. Tall and slim radiators are perfect if you need to make use of any narrow, ‘dead’ spaces. They’re also a smart option if your room is square, but small.

I’m a big fan of our versatile Cove radiator family, which incorporates vertical, horizontal, single, double, stainless steel, colours and even coordinating towel rail models. Choosing Cove throughout your home introduces coherence, while still tailoring your selections to accommodate the aesthetic and heating needs of each individual room.

Nowadays we tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Why not add interest with an eye-catching pop of colour, provided here in purple via our Cove Mild Steel modern vertical radiator?

Designs for your dining room

Thanks to the rise of open-plan living, stand-alone dining rooms are not such a common feature any more. But if you are lucky enough to have one, it doesn’t have to be formal and fusty. I think that metallics are a great way to bridge the gap between classic and contemporary styling. I often recommend our Cove Stainless Steel horizontal radiator for dining rooms. It offers excellent value for money (often an important consideration for a room that’s used less frequently). But rest assured there’s no compromise on styling or materials.

The sleek oval tubes of our Cove Stainless Steel radiator suit both modern and period dining room settings. Choose from brushed or polished stainless steel, colours, or a wide range of different finishes

Love your living room

Coloured radiators are one of the biggest interiors trends to emerge in recent years. But if they don’t appeal to you, white radiators have also evolved. Pale, plain models can look fantastic in contemporary living rooms, perfectly enhancing a clean, uncluttered vibe. Minimalist, modern radiators are ideal if you’re keen to create a tranquil, soothing, living space with few distractions. Contrasting just one or two light and dark colours adds interest, without overwhelming.

Deep blue and white always looks right. Here our classic Cove radiator adds style and elegance to this modern living room, perfectly complementing the white woodwork and the tasteful neutral accents

Modern bedroom radiators

Bedrooms tend to be private spaces, so here, more perhaps than in any other room, you have scope to completely please yourself. That said, restful, neutral palettes are enduring popular, for obvious reasons. Most people want their bedroom to be a warm, welcoming sanctuary, where they can relax and recharge. Shades of grey, taupe, beige and white manage to be both chic and timeless. Choose a matching coloured radiator to add a dash of modernity and interest to the space.

As with all rooms, in practical terms, where you site your bedroom radiator is important. It shouldn’t be obstructed, so don’t place it behind your bed or wardrobe. And don’t restrict its heat output with curtain fabric, either. Once again, do consider whether vertical radiators will make use of any narrow wall areas that can’t really accommodate anything else.

Our clever Cove Mirror radiator, showcased here in on-trend Anthracite Texture, is a stylish, space-saving option that’s perfect for bedrooms, but looks equally great in hallways and bathrooms too

Make a splash in your bathroom

A full bathroom renovation usually involves a lot of time, expense and upheaval. But the right towel rail, a lick of paint, and a few well-chosen accessories can make a world of difference. And don’t neglect your flooring! Patterned tiles are a fast, effective way to bring your bathroom bang up-to-date. Monochrome colour schemes, offset with a contrasting statement wall, can also be totally transformative. If you can’t afford  – or simply don’t want – to rip out all your sanitaryware – update your taps and handles instead. Or introduce some TLC to your bathroom with metallic accents, such as our Cove Mild Steel Towel Rail, which features sleek and stylish oval tubes.

Radiators keep your bathroom warm, but towel rails – as their name suggests – are designed to keep your towels warm, dry and fluffy, and discourage the growth of germs and mould. We offer hundreds of different styles to choose from. Our Cove Mild Steel model offers an excellent heat output, plus exceptional value for money. It’s available in both central heating and electric versions, too

Add style to your snug

The very word ‘snug’ conjures up images of curling up somewhere cosy. But a snug doesn’t have to be dark and/or rustic. Modern incarnations are light, bright and perfect for losing yourself in a great book. A comfortable chair, some well-stocked bookcases, and perhaps a cosy rug are the key ingredients for success. As is an effective radiator, of course! Nobody wants to be shivering away instead of enjoying the latest blockbuster. However much space you have to heat, our Cove Radiator is sure to offer something that suits. Either single or double-sided, vertical or horizontal, it’s easy to understand why this model one of our perennial best-sellers.

A superb heat emitter, our Cove radiator adds a touch of style – and plenty of warmth – to any room in your home

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