The benefits of electric towel rails and radiators

Valentine’s Day aside, by most people’s standards, February is a fairly unlovable month. Short, cold days partner long, cold nights. Typical weather tends to feature rain, frost, snow and biting winds. Arguably the only benefit is its brevity – just 28 days to grit your teeth through in 2022! February is usually the month where your heating system needs to work extra hard.

This time of year is also when your bathroom gets plenty of use. There’s no better way to escape the doom and gloom of wintry weather than a long, luxurious soak in your tub. That’s on top of the usual everyday ‘maintenance’ use, of course. But whether you’re using your bathroom for morning ablutions or evening pamper sessions, it needs to be warm and welcoming. Our business development manager, Jody Loram, explains how electric towel rails – and electric radiators – are one of the best ways to keep your home comfy and cosy:

All white: Our mild steel Metro electric towel rail comes in a range of colours and finishes. It’s also available in a large selection of sizes, to accommodate most bathroom spaces

In praise of the rail

Why bother installing towel rails (electric or otherwise)? It’s a sensible question, given that many people don’t realise what a big difference they can make to your home. Bathrooms, shower rooms and en-suites are by their nature wet and steamy environments. Draping a soggy towel or damp bathmat over your radiator in a futile attempt to dry them is only going to make that scenario worse. That’s because a towel rail and a radiator have very different functions. Your radiator’s primary role is to transfer heat – so it’s deliberately designed to keep your room at a certain temperature. By contrast, a towel rail is designed to keep your towels warm and dry.

Keep it classic: Available in both central heating and electric versions, our Siena model could be just what you’re looking for. It’s available in six widths and four heights, in a high quality stainless steel finish

There are lot of advantages to this; not just the fact that a soft, fluffy towel is one of life’s genuine little pleasures! Warm, properly dry towels are far more hygienic for starters. So, installing a towel rail is a healthier option for you and your family. It’s well known that excess moisture can encourage the growth of germs and mould, in bathrooms. And these can even grow on the towels themselves. In a world where optimum lung health has never been more important, that’s become a key consideration. But towel rails aren’t just a practical option. Modern incarnations can be super stylish too, with hundreds of different colours and shapes to complement your décor. Best of all, updating your home in this way needn’t break the bank. Electric towel rails can save you energy and money. They’re fast and easy to install, too!

Plug-in electric radiators are the perfect heating solution for separate spaces such as garden rooms, studios and workshops. Here, our Modus model (which incorporates a handy Wi-Fi heating element) has been chosen to keep a stand-alone shepherd’s hut warm and cosy

Electric towel rail economies

We are all aware of the need to be as energy-efficient as possible. Installing electric towel rails – and indeed, electric radiators – is both eco-friendly and cost-effective. So using them to renovate your home is better for the planet, and better for your purse! Most UK households have faced a steep increase in their energy prices this winter. This is largely due to supply and demand on the global wholesale market, and rising wholesale energy prices. So, electric towel rails help to prevent energy (and money) wastage in a few different ways.

Our versatile Zante model, which features a subtle bow front, is an enduringly popular choice for bathrooms, shower rooms and en-suites

Electric towel rails for versatility

The obvious advantage involves versatility. Electric towels rails work independently, offering you better heat management. Gas central heating systems generally offer less control, as you can’t use them to heat just one room. It’s a binary scenario: your heating is on everywhere, or off everywhere, with nothing in between. Electric towel rails and electric radiators are so much more flexible. You choose the room (and/or the towels) you’d like to heat, and simply flick the appropriate switch. Controlling your heating in individual rooms is so much better for the environment. This precision heating can deliver significant cost savings for you, too.

Keen to make a statement with your electric radiator or towel rail? Our Vela model looks stunning in both classic and contemporary settings. It’s also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-compatible, for enhanced responsiveness and control

Another benefit of electric towel rails and radiators is their lack of energy wastage. With gas boiler-based heating systems, energy can escape through the flue. In addition, heat can escape through the pipes en route to your radiators. With electric models, 100% of the electricity they use is converted into heat.

Low-maintenance love

House renovations can be exciting. But most large-scale projects require time, money and patience. Installing electric towel rails and/or electric radiators, however, is usually a fast, easy win. That’s because they don’t require lots of complex pipe-work laying in the first place. And you wont have to contend with regular servicing and maintenance once installed. As long as you have plenty of power points available, adding electric towel rails to your home is quick, economical and stress-free.

Are there further plus points? Because they have almost no moving parts, there’s very little that can break down or wear out. So you can enjoy peace of mind without worrying about water leaks, bleeding/flushing procedures. Still on the subject of peace, electric towel rails deliver literally and figuratively as electric options are silent.

Perfect for small spaces, you can enhance our sleek, slimline Oakham electric towel rail further with additional shelves in beech, oak to teak. These not only look stylish but they will cleverly maximise your storage space

No shortage of style

While the practicalities are obviously important, I understand that you want  your heating choices to look as good as they perform. Fortunately, electric towel rails are now available in a huge array of styles, shapes, sizes and colours. So you’re sure to find a model that suits your personal style and décor, as well as your heating requirements and budget. Whether you’re a fan of the classic or contemporary, plain or coloured, vertical or horizontal, statement or discreet, we can complement every setting in your home with an electric towel rail or radiator. Click here to browse our complete collection.

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