Bathroom design ideas for 2022

Welcome to 2022! Most of us are hoping that these next 12 months will be rather less turbulent than the previous couple of years. However, we’re all for a little turbulence when it comes to renovating the home. In fact, January really can be a perfect month for a bathing haven transformation. After all, any Christmas guests should now be a distant memory as they should have all returned to their homes! So, we asked our director Stewart Double to come up with some bathroom design ideas, which will stand the test of time:

Spoilt for choice

Revamping such a key room within the home should be an exciting prospect – but it can be daunting, too. Nowadays, there is so much choice available, for every single component. If your New Year project features a brand new bathroom, you should pick a style and colour theme. You’ll need to select sanitaryware, hardware and accessories. You should also think hard about heating, which should never be an afterthought.

The right towel rail really can be transformative. That’s because towel rails aren’t just practical, keeping your towels warm and fluffy: they are always on display. Like lighting and storage, your towel rail is a key part of your bathroom’s overall look, style and ambience. So, it really is worth taking some time to explore the many different options available.

Gold accents, as showcased here via our Old Buckenham handmade traditional towel rail, add instant warmth to classic bathrooms and neutral colourways

Bathroom design ideas with feature walls

Dark colours have been enjoying a renaissance elsewhere in the home. If you’re a fan, there’s no reason why you can’t transfer this trend to your bathroom. White sanitaryware is, of course, a perennial favourite. But contrasting a pale sink and bath with dark, dramatic walls is one of my favourite bathroom design ideas.

If you’re keen to embrace your dark side, but don’t want to overdo it, consider a statement wall. And while tiles are usually considered to be the obvious option, don’t discount wallpaper. A black and/or patterned print is a fast, effective way to add some drama and sophistication to your bathroom. Vinyl wallpapers have a higher moisture resistance, which makes them suitable for use in high humidity areas. Or you can apply varnish to your bathroom wallpaper for extra protection.


Black and brass: Our Austen towel rail features a brushed brass finish for a clean, classic feel. Here it pairs beautifully with the basin taps and stands without detracting from the statement wallpaper

The gold standard

Gold is set to be another big interior trend for bathrooms this year. But there are plenty of gold bathroom design ideas that aren’t all about the bling. Gold sanitaryware certainly isn’t for everyone! Instead, think subtle accents that work well with a wide range of classic neutrals. A gold towel rail, gold taps, or even a gold light fixture are a great way to trial this trend.


Our Elveden handmade brass traditional towel rail can be handmade in any size or shape, and is available in a selection of finishes, including polished gold (pictured), brushed nickel, chrome and antique brass

Going green

For many people, bathroom design ideas begin with a statement tub. If you have the space to accommodate one, they are the perfect focal point for a luxury room scheme. A double-ended option allows you to bathe à deux. Or you can enjoy a spa-style soak alone, with plenty of bubbles and warm fluffy towels afterwards, courtesy of your new towel rail!


For maximum impact, a centrally sited bath is hard to beat, but I also like the idea of a statement ‘corner’. You can personalise this area with a gallery wall – try coordinating your picture frames with a coloured tub. And don’t be afraid to add plenty of botanicals. Plants are a great way to soften a contemporary look and ‘bring the outside in’. Real plants don’t just look amazing, they can actually help to minimise humidity and purify the atmosphere too. Mix and match different types and sizes of greenery for maximum impact.


Green and grey is always a winning combination. Copper accents and accessories provide the finishing touch. Here our contemporary Cavell towel rail coordinates beautifully with the statement tub’s brass feet, taps and shower attachment

Bathroom design ideas with colour

Did you know that your towel rail can be a bona fide part of your colour scheme? White and metallics aren’t the only option. Many modern bathroom design ideas introduce colour in unexpected ways. Matching your towel rail to your wall colour creates a seamless, stylish look. Or you could choose a contrasting shade to add a pop of brightness. We have a state-of-the-art powder coating facility at our UK factory, so we can create a huge array of customised colours and finishes.


Our Croxton handmade traditional towel rail is pictured here in a pine green/polished gold rail combination. But we offer hundreds of colours to choose from, to help you truly personalise your bathroom space

Modern mixing

Modern towel rails work brilliantly with contemporary bathroom design ideas. Minimalist room schemes, with clear lines and no clutter, remain hugely popular. But minimal doesn’t have to mean stark and bland. Add focus to pared down interiors with strong colours, shapes or patterns. Keep things interesting with a mix of materials such as metal, glass, wood and stone.

Our Koha towel rail combines Iroko wood with brushed stainless steel, and is available in both central heating and electric versions

Biophilic bathroom design ideas

Have you heard of biophilic design? It’s on track to become one of the biggest interiors trends in 2022 and beyond – and not just in the bathroom. In simple terms, biophilic design aims to incorporate elements of nature within interiors, to help us connect more easily with the natural environment. Neutral colour schemes, greenery, mirrors, natural light and, importantly, natural materials, are some of the main biophilic design elements to consider when planning your new bathroom. ‘Bathscaping’ the area around your tub, with house plants, scented candles and other accessories is another easy way to introduce elements of nature.


This biophilic bathroom setting features lots of warm wood panelling, shelving and greenery to evoke the great outdoors. Our Tornado T towel rail, showcased in a vibrant shade of green, is the perfect complement


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