Metallic finishes in the home

Metallics have emerged as one of the key trends within interior design in the past few years. While they have long been a familiar sight in bathrooms, metallic finishes are now making their presence felt in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and even home offices. Fabrics, furniture, upholstery and accessories can all contribute to your metallic palette.

But if you’re keen to make a striking style statement, radiators and towel rails are a great way to tap into the trend. Whether you prefer cool metallic finishes such as chrome, stainless steel and silver, or warmer shades like gold and copper, the possibilities are endless. And if you really can’t decide which you prefer, the good news is, nowadays you don’t have to! Modern metallics are very much a mix-and-match affair. Clever contrasts will certainly add interest. They’re a savvy way to show off your individual style, so don’t be afraid to experiment. We promise that warm and cool metals can look great together, if you get the combinations right. Metallic finishes can also enhance any room’s colour scheme, to help your space feel more connected and cohesive.

A brushed or polished stainless steel radiator, like our popular Delta model, delivers instant metallic chic to any room. An additional towel bar is a practical extra for kitchen and bathroom settings.

Shades of grey

Grey has been THE go-to interiors shade for so long, it’s hard to remember a time when it didn’t dominate the decorating palette. Its appeal is easy to understand. Grey is a timeless, versatile neutral that’s an enduringly popular alternative to plain white. Darker shades add depth – plus a touch of luxury – while paler shades work especially well as an accent colour. More recently, grey is coming into its own as a sought-after metallic finish. Graphite, pewter and silver grey are all excellent choices to channel industrial chic and/or modern minimalism. These cooler hues also work well with shades of blue, green and purple. We think they are a brilliant complement for natural materials too, such as wood, brick and stone.

See how the grey metallic finish of our Bosun mild steel radiator adds the perfect finishing touch to this pared-back, modern interior? These lower water content radiators deliver excellent output for size, and are available in both vertical and horizontal versions.

Crazy about copper

If you’re keen to introduce an element of warmth, get creative with copper. One of the more eye-catching metallic finishes, copper is less bling than its golden counterpart. But it still works well as a statement shade.

Copper really comes into its own when used as a contrast feature. It will instantly add depth and colour to an otherwise neutral interior. It’s another option to consider if you’re a fan of the industrial design style, especially where kitchens are concerned. However, copper works equally with wood, so don’t discount it if your setting is more traditional.

Copper adds an instant touch of luxury, and it’s surprisingly versatile too. Consider using a copper radiator as a focal point in a contemporary sitting room. It works well to tone with pastel shades of beige, grey or blush, or as a stand-out pop of colour in a modern monotone setting.

Get classy with copper: Make a sophisticated style statement with our Denali vertical radiator, pictured here in a striking copper lacquer. We think the curved tubes and eye-catching metallic finish are a winning combination for any contemporary living space.

Metallic finishes with gold

Where metallic finishes are concerned, lots of people are a little wary of gold. Used creatively, it’s a wonderful way to add interest and a dash of individuality to a room. Think subtle gleam, rather than garish and gaudy. There are a number of ways to achieve this effect. Obviously, less is more. One or two gold accents is acceptable – four or five is probably overkill, so choose your pieces wisely. Matt gold is much more understated than a highly polished finish. If you choose this for a freestanding bath, it can instantly create a focal point. And, as mentioned already, mixing and matching your metals is a great way to keep metallic finishes on the right side of chic and stylish. So, team it with a steel finish on your radiator to complete the look.

We love how the metallic shade of our Metro towel rail contrasts with the gold tub. It also helps to elevate this minimalist chrome and grey bathroom. This straight fronted ladder rail is available in a wide selection of sizes, and in both electric and central heating formats.

Back to black

Black and white colour schemes never go out of fashion. They don’t date, they’re gender-neutral, and they can be adapted to suit both classic and contemporary styling. The downside – if there is one – is that sometimes they can be dull. Adding some interesting metallic finishes is an easy way to pep up any monotony. Taps and lighting are the obvious options, but a statement radiator or towel rail is another way to make sure your black and white bathroom isn’t boring. Coordinate with a matching shower mixer and bath accessories for maximum impact.

The magic of monochrome: The black nickel lacquer finish of our new Rosa towel rail adds a modern, sophisticated feel to this minimalist black and white bathroom

Metallic finishes featuring cast iron

No article on metallic finishes would be complete without mentioning cast iron. This material doesn’t just look good – it’s an excellent heat conductor, too. This makes it an excellent choice if the space you need to heat is large. Cast iron radiators take longer to heat up than certain other materials, but once they’re at temperature they retain their heat for longer, making them more cost-effective.

Aesthetically speaking, cast iron radiators look amazing in period properties, or as part of a classic design. However, they can also be customised with different finishes, making them a perfect match for a more modern look, too.

Our 4 Column Cast Iron radiator features a timeless 1930s design that incorporates clean, crisp lines, rounded shoulders, and bold splayed feet. It’s available in a wide range of painted, polished and premium metallic finishes, including black nickel, bronze, brass, copper, and rose gold.

In addition to metallics, we offer a huge range of coloured radiators and towel rails. Click here to find out more, and browse a selection of our best-sellers.