Energy saving tips for your home

Effective energy saving tips have never been more important. The ongoing UK cost of living crisis is well documented, with escalating fuel, food and borrowing costs now really beginning to bite. The situation has further deteriorated since April, when the energy price cap was increased. This has led to huge increases in both gas and electricity costs for millions of UK consumers. But despite these challenges, there are still a variety of ways to save money on heating and energy bills: some obvious, some not. Our director Stewart Double provides his expert opinion on ways in which you can cut costs with energy saving tips for your home:

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Invest in the best

It might seem counter-productive if you’re watching the pennies, but one of the best energy saving tips for your home is to invest in new, efficient radiators and towel rails. And the same goes for your boiler, too.

Your heating is responsible for more than half of your energy bill every year. So replacing an old, inefficient gas boiler with a brand new energy-efficient model is likely to make a big difference to your overall outgoings. Installing energy-efficient radiators will also save you money in the long run, so if you have the budget to update, it’s well worth the investment.

Cast iron radiators – like our beautiful Bronte model – are excellent heat distributors, making them a very cost-effective and energy-efficient option

Look after what you have

If you’re not in a position to replace everything, at least make sure it’s in optimum condition. An annual boiler service should be high up the list of any energy saving tips. Breakdowns usually result in expensive repairs – prevention is always better than cure! Plus a well-maintained boiler will work more efficiently and safely, helping you save on your heating bills.

Bleed your radiators regularly, too. This gets rid of the air pockets that stop hot water circulating efficiently. In turn that affects heat levels, puts more strain on your boiler and costs you more money. Bleeding a radiator is usually a fast, straightforward DIY process that doesn’t require the services of a qualified professional.

The aluminium advantage: aluminium is a fantastic heat conductor. Radiators like our Vela model heat up quickly, use less water – and look amazing!

Take back control

If you don’t already have them, consider installing a smart thermostat and smart heating controls. These allow you to control your heating remotely, using a smart device such as a tablet or phone. This is great if your routine varies (due to hybrid or shift working, for example) or your plans change. The more advanced models offer multi-room control, hot water control, draught detection and holiday models. All this helps you to consume exactly what you need, when you need it – and nothing more. Click here for more information about our WiFi heating elements.

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Explore insulation options

Improving your insulation is one of the best energy saving tips. Did you know that up to a quarter of your home’s heat escapes through roofs that haven’t been insulated? The good news is that insulating your loft is a relatively low-cost job that you could do yourself. Filling in wall cavities is another excellent way to reduce your heating bills, although this is a job best left to specialist professionals.

On a similar note, get rid of any draughts, which can be a significant cause of heat loss. Make sure all windows and doors are properly seated, and fit a brush to your letterbox. If you have a chimney you don’t use, fit an internal draught excluder.

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Low-tech easy wins

Some of the best energy saving tips require no upfront outlay or investment at all. However, these small changes can make a big difference. Try turning down your thermostat by just 1°C. It’s highly unlikely you’ll even notice such a small difference in temperature, but over time it could save you around 10% on your heating bills – and reduce the wear and tear on your boiler.

Stainless steel models, like our Zante bathroom towel rail, have many advantages. They are excellent heat conductors, super durable, and nowadays are available in a huge range of different styles and shades

Using less hot water will also save you money and energy. Swap your bath for a shorter, cooler shower – or at least don’t fill it to the brim. Don’t leave your water running, and only run your dishwasher and washing machine when they are completely full. In addition, don’t boil a full kettle if you’re only making tea for one or two!

The advantage of electric

Electric radiators can help to prevent energy wastage – and save you money – if used correctly. Their key advantage is that they can work independently, which gives you maximum control over the rooms you do (and don’t) want to heat. But make sure you are turning them on and off when you need/don’t need them, or you won’t reap the rewards.

Electric radiators, like this Modus model, continue to grow in popularity. Super versatile, they can work independently to heat only the rooms you choose, preventing energy wastage, and saving you money

Unplug energy vampires

According to a recent report, ‘vampire’ devices cost UK households £147 a year. However, there’s no need to reach for the garlic, wooden stakes or bottles of holy water just yet. This is one of those easy energy saving tips that simply involves unplugging devices left on standby. As long as devices are plugged in at the wall, they are slowly draining power. TVs, games consoles, microwaves, phone chargers and printers are among the most common offenders. Make it part of your daily/nightly routine to switch off devices at the mains. And try not to ‘overcharge’ your phone and laptop – this will prolong battery life too.

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