Kitchen design ideas to keep warm this winter

Your kitchen is the hub of your home. Whether cooking, lounging or even working, it’s the space where we spend the large majority of our time. So, keeping warm and cosy is all important. As winter bites alongside the cost of our energy bills, there’s no better time to explore ways to turn up the heat. We asked our director Stewart to give his expert kitchen design ideas on this latest blog. This way, you can combat the chills this season while spreading a warm inviting glow.

Find the energy

When you’re planning your kitchen design, installing energy-saving boilers and radiators will save money in the long term. So, if the budget will stretch to a refresh, it’s worth the outlay. Otherwise, ensure that your boiler is serviced regularly. And don’t forget to bleed your radiators to remove air pockets, which prevent hot water from circulating properly.

Evaluate the elements

For any room, radiators are the most conventional heating option. Underfloor heating may be inconspicuous, but radiators allow you to choose the sections that are heated. So, they can be deemed as an eco-friendly solution. Aside from warmth, they can really add to your kitchen design with all manner of shapes, styles and shades. But there are many factors to consider before installation, from your kitchen layout to how often you use your oven.

You’ll also have to check the amount of heat needed by analysing the British Thermal Unit value desirable for your kitchen. Either source a BTU calculator online, use an app on your mobile or quiz your plumber for more details.

Insulating the wall behind your radiator will also maximise the output. For example, if a radiator is positioned away from sight lines, add a foil layer to the wall behind to reflect heat inwards.

Radiators in our Delta range come in brushed or polished stainless steel. In terms of kitchen design ideas, you can use them as a striking feature in their own right or match with appliances for a cohesive look

Plot your position

Think about where you will spend the most time in the kitchen. Zones in your cook space where you stay still, such as seating spaces, are where you are more vulnerable to feeling the chill. However, if space there is at a premium, find a redundant wall or otherwise unused areas to install your radiator.

Location, location, location: Place radiators in areas where you are likely to be stationary. For example, putting them next to table and chairs – such as this designer vertical Vela model – can help to ward away cold spots

Space-saving kitchen design ideas

Given that kitchens are filled with cabinets, appliances and worktops, the amount of room left for heating can often be limited. If you’re short on space then vertical radiators should be on your list of kitchen design ideas. They can slot neatly into narrow gaps on your kitchen walls, emanating heat while adding elegance.

Ambient air: Why not pack a punch of colour with your radiator, such as this Red Lilac model from our Cove range? This can complement or offset your in-situ kitchen cabinets or room scheme

Layer up with a curtain call

Dress your windows or doors to impress by adding high-quality thick curtains. This will go a long way to stopping draughts. Look for a thermal lining for extra warmth but remember to allow for the extra thickness as they fold back when open. Don’t leave your curtains closed all day, particularly when it’s sunny as opening them will help to heat your kitchen naturally. And remember to draw your curtains after sundown to seal in warmth.

While using curtains can rank highly among your kitchen design ideas, at full-length they can hinder the heat flow if your radiators are situated beneath a window. In this case, opt for lined Roman blinds. They will keep draughts in check while allowing heat from the radiator to travel around the room.

Coordinate with curtains while adding style and addressing sustainability. Our Italian-designed Ruvo is manufactured from recycled aluminium, which has the advantage of warming up quickly with a high heat output and low water content. Add colourful twist with a touch of turquoise

Roll with a rug

Much as ceramic tiles, polished concrete or wooden floors may look stylish, when it comes to the winter months, they can be cold underfoot. If the thought of chilly flooring is enough to make your toes curl, invest in a rug to boost insulation. Opting for shaggy rugs with thick pile will give a comfy feel while being durable. Or faux fur adds a soft touch of luxe. While using a rug can keep the heat in, it can also transform the look of your space. You could go light and bright, big and bold or plain or patterned. There are so many ideas to add character to your floor.

Meet your match: Radiators, such as those in our made-to-measure Modus range, are available in a timeless design. You can use these mild steel models for both modern and period-style kitchens, twinning with the style and colour of your rug

Head for hot spots

Exploit heat from your oven after cooking food by leaving the door open. This allows residual heat to waft out and circulate, without any extra energy costs. It really makes the most of the warmth generated by your cooking appliance.

Kitchen design ideas with accessories

If you have an open-plan kitchen with a sofa or two, adding accessories such as cushions can give an inviting feel. Keep in mind that kitchen design ideas, such as selecting cushions with velvety soft or furry textures, accentuate a plush look. You can go a step further by draping soft throws across sofa arms too. These will double as comfort blankets for snuggling under should it turn extra nippy.

If a breeze is adding to the chill factor across your kitchen, consider adding draught-proof layers to doors or renewing the seals on windows. Buy a draught excluder for internal doors or ultimately install new external doors to keep heat levels to a maximum.

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