Modern bathroom ideas

If you’re planning to refresh your bathing haven with clean lines and a crisp redesign, you’ll need to factor in your personal needs with functionality and style. After all, the days of simply creating a practical space are long-gone as today’s modern bathroom ideas also embrace ambience and style. Your bathroom will need to work with your needs all-year-round, so you can keep fresh in summer and feel cosy in winter. So, we asked our commercial director, Jody, to reveal some of his favourite modern bathroom ideas so you can create a functional spa-style sanctuary in your home:

What should a modern bathroom look like?

As with most décor decisions, there are no fixed rules but you’ll find there are some interesting modern bathroom ideas up for grabs. In short, simplicity will be key for a contemporary scheme. Think sanitaryware, baths, basins and toilets which are streamlined, fluid and free from fussy detailing. Also, fixtures and fittings should be simple and functional. Embrace accent colours and bold finishes and you’ll find modern design doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

Warmth is another must for any bathroom design, classic or contemporary, which is why towel rails will be vital in every modern bathroom scheme. This affordable luxury comes in such a wide variety of styles, you can pick your own to personalise your design.

Clean lines, a fresh colour scheme and beautifully simple accessories are all here in this stunning bathroom. Double basins simply complement the luxury element here, too. Our stainless-steel Liana towel ladder demonstrates how to keep fixtures simple

Choose your modern bathroom’s theme

A modern bathroom involves careful planning, so before you start choosing smaller details, consider the theme. For example, do you want to create a space, which has been inspired by nature? Or are you looking to use unusual textures or colours? Is industrial chic your thing? Once you have a clear concept of what you want the space to look and feel like, it will be easier to choose the furnishings.

Have fun creating a mood board with your ideas so you can visualise your dream bathroom before you start decorating. This way, you’ll know you’ll be happy with the final result.

This pared-back bathroom embraces a few modern trends: minimalism, cool colours and sleek accessories, such as the Jango. This stainless steel towel rail features elegant contours, which match the large tub beautifully and add to the clean lines in this contemporary room

Less is more for modern design

Modern design and minimalism work beautifully together because both aspects can embrace the space with clear functionality in mind. For a minimalist style, think clean lines and reducing everything in your bathroom to simply leave the essentials. Clear your bathing area from any clutter and ensure any lotions and potions are firmly behind closed doors.

I love the idea of a simple bathroom where a freestanding bath takes centre stage, especially if it’s a unique shape or made from an unusual material. You’ll also need a heated towel rail close by, so warm fluffy towels can be reached with ease post-soak.

Embracing minimalism and ever so chic, our Mahana keeps your towels warm and dry. It makes a decorative statement, but without any fuss or frills. Here, its Iroko wood and brushed stainless steel finish complement this tub perfectly with a timeless quality that’s perfect for a modern bathroom

Embracing natural materials

Another popular modern bathroom style is biophilic design, which is all about connecting people with nature. As a result this connection helps to improve mental health, productivity and enhance emotion, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing. From introducing natural materials and plants to allowing natural light to flood in, these can all contribute towards a biophilic scheme.

Stone tiles and wood panelling all help to add modern bathroom ideas with a natural touch to this space. Plenty of greenery, inside and out, complements our Tornado T towel rail in a matching May Green hue

Bold modern bathroom ideas

You may be thinking that modern bathrooms need to be calm, minimal and filled with natural materials… but bright colours can actually work, too. In fact ,a variety of hues can bring a scheme together. Perhaps, just consider which shade you’ll be happy to see first thing. And, if you want to use colour in a more subtle way, why not try colourful accessories?Our bathroom towel rails come in more than 300 colours and finishes. So, you could use the same shade in two or three places in the bathroom to tie your design together.

This bold turquoise wall looks great with patterned floor tiles and provides the perfect backdrop for our stainless-steel Koha towel rail. This contemporary, yet vibrant, design features iroko wood, which contrasts with brushed stainless steel

Working with a darker colour palette

Deeper tones may not only look modern, but can exude luxury, too. So, if brights or pastels aren’t your thing, dark shades are another way in which to successfully play with colour. A monochrome palette is also a striking modern bathroom idea, which shows no sign of waning. Add Crittal-style doors to your shower are and metallic finishes on your brassware to elevate your bathroom.

The key, when using deeper shades, is to contrast them with plenty of light colour ways. Neutral walls, for example will lend themselves well to a towel rail and vanity unit in a deeper colour. Meanwhile, natural light can bounce off mirrored surfaces, or materials like high-shine marble, to create a brighter finish.

Our Azura towel rail is not only stylishly curvaceous but the anthracite texture, showcased here, creates an ultra-contemporary finish. This model is made from mild steel and it’s in stock so available for next-day delivery, too

If you’ve got your heart set on a ladder-style towel rail for your bathroom, read our blog on towel ladders for super-stylish bathrooms now.