How to choose radiator colours for your project

Spring might not have fully sprung – but it’s definitely in the air. Which means the season of DIY and home renovations is also fast approaching! If you’re raring to redecorate and refresh your interiors, make sure you include your radiators. These days, they are so much more than just a practical source of heat. The right radiator style, shape and shade can make a serious style statement too. Once upon a time, all radiators were plain white and they were perhaps even seen as an afterthought! But contemporary coloured radiators can really give your living space a lift, and transform almost any room in your home. Of course, if you’ve never embraced coloured radiators and towel rails before, it can be difficult to know where to start. So we asked our director Stewart for his expert take on the best way to choose new radiator colours:

Function dictates form

One of the biggest trends to emerge in recent years is how much more adventurous people are becoming in terms of colour in the home. Yes, greys and neutral colour schemes are enduringly popular. But there has also been a significant growth in the popularity of bold, bright interiors. And this is something that’s reflected in terms of radiator colours. Of course a lot depends on the function of the room in question. Paler, less distracting colour schemes maintain pole position for home offices. Neutral shades could be more conducive to steady concentration levels. And, for many of us, home offices need to multitask when not being used for work, so versatility is important.

Coloured radiators don’t have to stand out. See how our Bench dual-purpose column radiator blends in beautifully with this neutral room scheme

Freedom to experiment

However other rooms, notably bedrooms, living rooms and hallways, are much more obvious candidates for experimentation. As one of the most private spaces in the home, stylistically speaking, in the bedroom, anything goes. So, if you have a favourite colour – whether that’s sunshine yellow or show-stopping scarlet – don’t be afraid to use it in your interiors. Bold, bright shades can be used sparingly as accents, so choosing them for radiator colours works really well. Or they can constitute the main colour theme of the room, especially if you’re fortunate enough to be decorating a big, airy space.

Bold, bright radiator shades work brilliantly as accent colours. See how our Cube Horizontal radiator, featured here in sunshine yellow, coordinates with the feature wall in this contemporary bedroom

Colour match to camouflage

If you prefer your radiators to blend in with your room scheme, why not consider radiator colours that match your walls? This helps to create a coherent, classy effect that works equally well within both traditional and contemporary settings. I think darker, deeper shades are particularly suited to this sort of “camouflage” approach: think gunmetal grey, navy and olive green.

The beauty of bespoke

If you’ve set your heart on matching your radiator colours to a specific shade of paint or paper, we’ve got you covered. We have own in-house powder coating plant, which allows us to offer an unrivalled range of bespoke shades. There are more than 300 RAL colours available from stock – and we offer a popular colour-matching service. We’re happy to provide RAL colour swatches, to ensure your chosen radiator shades will definitely suit your decor. We even offer a wide selection of special finishes, from matte to metallic.

Our 6 Column Cast Iron radiators combine timeless design with a choice of classic or contemporary painted or polished finishes. They are available in four traditional heights too!

Shades that stand out

Of course, not everybody wants to make their radiators blend into the background. You can use your radiator shades to make them a feature in their own right. After all, a contrasting pop of colour adds interest to any room. Or you can coordinate your radiator shades with other design/décor elements, such as a statement wall, a mirror frame, or any other soft furnishings and accessories.

This is basically the opposite of the camouflage approach. Rather than choosing radiator colours that blend in with your walls, to pretend they’re not there, why not celebrate them instead? So, if you have a cherished purple velvet chaise longue, why not complement it with a coordinating lilac radiator? Bring your radiators to the fore to make a style statement and show them off.

Our Modus Made to Measure radiator – pictured here in an eye-catching Red Lilac shade – is the ideal choice for anyone keen to make a serious style statement with their radiator shades

Blending old and new

The right radiator colours can even help you blend different styles together. Bridging the gap between old and new is a common challenge. It can involve injecting some character into a contemporary home, or making a period property more modern.

This is where metallics can really come into their own. For example, choosing radiator colours of copper, bronze or even gold – but in a trendy style – can really refresh an older house, without jarring. Similarly, if you’re keen to add a little gravitas to your home, try a classic radiator style, in a modern metallic finish. Think traditional, but with a twist! And remember, warm and cool metals can look great together, so don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Another option for coloured radiators that combine function and form is our clever Cove Mirror radiator. Hugely versatile, it’s ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways. It offers amazing value for money, too!

Coloured towel rails

Whichever radiator colours you like can usually be extend to your towel rails too. The primary function of a heated towel rail is of course to keep your towels warm and dry. But that doesn’t mean they can’t look good while they’re doing it. Choose fun and funky colours if you want to give your bathroom space a lift, or let your personality shine through. Silver and stainless steel finishes are also popular, although brushed brass is gaining serious ground.

You can browse the full selection of our extensive radiator colours online, or click here to order a copy of our latest brochure.