Master bedroom ideas for a better night’s sleep

How well do you sleep at night? Do you drop off quickly, then wake up feeling rested and refreshed? Or do you toss and turn for hours, before crawling out of bed feeling more tired than when you fell into it? For many people, a good night’s sleep is increasingly elusive. In fact, it’s estimated that around one-third of Brits experience insomnia at some point or another. It’s also worth pointing out that insomnia is more than just having trouble dropping off. It’s a complex condition that also incorporates waking too early and disrupted sleep.

Insomnia has many common causes – some easy to address, other less so. As with so much in life, location is key. If you feel exhausted and irritable from lack the sleep, first of all take a long, hard look at your sleeping environment. Read on to discover our commercial director Jody’s range of master bedroom ideas and tips to help you get a better night’s rest.

Master bedroom ideas with the right temperature

The space where you sleep should be dark and quiet. And rather like Goldilocks’ preferred porridge dish, the temperature needs to be just right. Too hot isn’t good, but neither is too cold, especially in the depths of winter. Nobody can fall asleep easily if they’ve shivering and can’t feel their feet! So it’s really important that your radiators are capable of delivering the right amount of heat, when and where you need it.

In other words, the first priorities regarding master bedroom ideas for a better night’s sleep relate to size and space. How big is your room? Does it have insulation? How many exterior walls are there? Do you have double glazing for your windows? Next you need to familiarise yourself with British Thermal Units (BTU). These are the measurement of a radiator’s efficiency. If your master bedroom is cold, you might need additional or even different types of radiators. Ask a reputable heating engineer for advice, or use our online heat calculator to check your requirements.

Cast iron radiators, like our Bronte model, showcased here in a Rose Gold Premium Lacquer finish, are excellent heat distributors. And because they continue to heat your room after you’ve turned them off, they’re a great option for keeping large bedrooms warm and cosy

Position and placement

Where you site your radiators is just as important as their location. If you obstruct your radiators, they can’t function effectively. The best master bedroom ideas ensure that radiators aren’t hidden away behind large pieces of furniture, such as your wardrobe. And while it might be tempting to install your bed in front of your radiator, to ‘capture’ the heat it emits, this will simply restrict the flow of hot hair around your room. On a related note, take a look at your curtains too. Lined, thermal versions can help to prevent heat loss. But if you drape them across your radiator, this will hamper its heat output.

Shown here in a gorgeous Gold Lacquer finish, you certainly won’t want to hide away or disguise our Loxley Cast Iron radiator, which features elegant scalloped decorations and an eye-catching foliage motif

Compact master bedroom ideas

Large bedrooms need a bigger amount of heat to stay warm and conducive to sleep. But what about master bedroom ideas for smaller spaces? If your room is compact, or awkwardly shaped, modern vertical radiators could be the solution. Because they are tall and slim, they often fit into spaces that traditional horizontal models can’t. And because vertical radiators maximise your wall space, they also free up more room for furniture. We even offer radiators with integrated mirrors, to exploit every inch of available space.

If your master bedroom radiator needs to multitask, look no further than our Vertical Cove Mirror model (shown here in Anthracite), perfect for small rooms or awkward spaces

Be clever with colour

The best master bedroom ideas play close attention to colour, with good reason. It plays such a pivotal role within interior design. Colour can influence what we think do and feel. It can pep us up, or calm us down – and it can even make us feel hot or cold.

If you want a good night’s sleep, choose bedroom colours that are muted. Soft shades of blue are perennially popular, as it’s thought to be calming, comforting and dependable. Other colours associated with sleep are yellow, green, silver orange, pink and white, as these are thought to reduce stress and soothe the nervous system. But whichever colours you prefer, pastel shades teamed with neutrals are the best combination.

Nowadays your bedroom’s colour scheme needn’t be restricted to paint and wallpaper. Your radiators can play a role too. Demand for coloured radiators has increased significantly in recent years, as they have come to be seen as much more than mere heating appliances. Choose a cheery colour to lift your spirits, or stick with neutrals and/or metallics to keep the ambiance still and serene.

The best colours for sleep are shades that make you feel happy, relaxed and secure. We’re big fans of this sunshine-yellow mild steel Cube radiator, shown here in Traffic Yellow

The art of layering

With most of us keeping a close eye on our energy bills these days, running the heating 24/7 isn’t an option, even during the depths of winter. But there are other ways to help you feel cosy and cossetted enough to get a good night’s rest. Accessories are your secret weapon! Layer rugs, throws, cushions and blankets, ideally in tactile fleece, faux fur and velvet, all around your space. Soft lighting, or even scented candles (such as lavender) are more great master bedroom ideas for creating a sleep-inducing environment.

Finally, for best results, avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol before you turn in. And decrease your screen time too. Devices that emit artificial blue light can disrupt the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy. Switch off literally, to help you switch off figuratively, and enjoy a better night’s sleep every day of the week.

Accessories such as throws, blankets and rugs all help to create a welcoming and relaxing bedroom environment, which in turn is conducive to a better night’s sleep

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