Six bathroom decor ideas to create a bathing haven

Welcome to January. Our favourite month of year – said hardly anyone, ever! Cold, dark and frequently dismal, January isn’t easy to love. However, there are some positives. The start of a new year is the perfect time to embark on a new interiors revamp. If your dream solution to wintry weather is your own personal spa, why not make your bathroom your New Year project? Your bathroom is so much more than simply somewhere to wash. So make sure that any revamp works to transform it into a warm, welcoming space that allows you to relax and recharge.

While it might be one of the smaller rooms in your home, your bathroom typically enjoys big usage. So it’s vital to get this space right. Luckily, our director Stewart has plenty of bathroom decor ideas to help you create a welcoming bathing haven. First and foremost, of course, think hard about your heating:

Keeping things cosy with bathroom decor ideas

Your bathroom needs to be warm, welcoming and cosy, especially if you’re a fan of long, lingering baths. But even a quick early-morning shower is 100% more enjoyable if the environment isn’t arctic. So make sure your bathroom towel rail is up to the job. Don’t rely on guesswork, or be swayed solely by aesthetics. Use our online Heat Calculator to accurately assess your heat requirements. Just enter a few simple details and measurements. Then this handy tool will calculate the number of British Thermal Units (BTUs) required.

Depending on the results – and the size and shape of your bathroom – a couple of small towel rails might even be a better option than one big one. Once you have these practicalities sorted, you can use this knowledge to better explore and assess different bathroom design ideas.

Combining form and function: our Vulcano T towel rail, shown here in dark, delicious Signal Black, will keep your towels warm and fluffy

Heated towel rails

One of the best bits of a luxurious soak in the tub is knowing that there’s a dry, fluffy towel waiting for you. This is why heated towel railsshould always be a key component of any new bathroom decor ideas. Heated towel rails are designed to keep your towels warm and dry. Most bathrooms are wet and steamy. So draping used towels over the bath, the door, or even your radiator won’t dry them out. The excess moisture that remains can cause germs and even mould to proliferate.

Crazy about copper? Then you’re sure to admire how our Cavell towel rail adds a stylish metallic accent to this bathroom. It coordinates beautifully with the bath mixer, bath legs, and plant pot accessories

Bathroom decor ideas embrace biophilia

Biophilic design is set to be a key trend within interiors this year. It sounds fancy, but biophilic design simply aims to incorporate nature within interiors, and increase our connectivity with the natural world. Plants, natural materials, neutral colour schemes, and mirrors are some of the simplest biophilic bathroom decor ideas to incorporate. They’re ideal for creating an inviting bathing haven, too. Importantly, this design doesn’t just look good, it helps us to feel good too. As the bathroom is the room we most often associate with relaxation, self-care and wellbeing, it makes perfect sense to prioritise biophilic principles when exploring bathroom design ideas.

Our Tornado T towel rail, showcased here in a gorgeous shade of green, is a great way to tap into biophilic design principles. It helps to create a bathing haven that enhances relaxation and wellbeing

Bathing bliss

A statement, freestanding bath is the ideal centrepiece for any spa-style bathroom. A bateau or slipper bath always catches the eye. If space and budget allow, a double-ended model will allow you bathe à deux – or simply enjoy a bigger bath all to yourself!

If you don’t want to detract from a show-stopping tub, your bathroom decor ideas should focus on an understated towel rail. Sleek, chic chrome is a fail-safe option. It works equally well in both classic and contemporary settings, and complements a huge range of colour schemes.

Our Metro ladder towel rail is available in both central heating and electric versions, and in a wide range of different finishes, including chrome

Bright & beautiful bathroom design ideas

Not everyone is mad about monochrome. If you’re someone that enjoys colour in your home decor, there’s no reason not to include it in your bathroom decor ideas, too. Colour can influence our mood, our behaviour and even our opinions. The good news? if your ideal bathing haven is a room that’s bright and beautiful, we have a huge range of coloured towel rails and radiators to choose from.

Purple power: add a pop of colour to your bathroom with our Cube T towel rail, shown here in Signal Violet. Manufactured in Italy, it features unique, U-shaped square tubes for a distinctive, super-stylish aesthetic

White is definitely no longer the default for bathrooms and their towel rails. So if you prefer something more bold, why not add a pop of colour to your space with a bright, contemporary model? You can match a coloured towel rail to the rest of your decor. Just coordinate it with bathroom accessories, such as bath mats, bath robes, candles and toiletries. Or make more of a style statement with a single, stand-out shade. Bright colours always look amazing set against dark, dramatic walls.

Shown here in Turquoise Blue, our Orion curved fronted ladder towel rail can be supplied in two widths, five heights – and more than 300 stock colours!

Light the way

Great lighting is another key element of all the best bathroom design ideas. The right lighting options help to create a relaxing mood and atmosphere. They will enhance your fixtures, fitting and surfaces. They will also show off your decorative radiators and towel rails to their best effect.

Where possible, maximise the natural daylight that’s available. Then consider how much artificial light you need to supplement this, and the different types. For example, bigger, brighter task lighting might be more of a priority during dark winter mornings, when you’re getting ready to face the day. Ambient or mood lighting is likely to be more suitable during the evening, when you’re using your bathroom to relax and unwind before bed.

Black and white is always all right: Elevate a monochrome bathroom design with our Rosa towel rail, shown here in Black Nickel Lacquer – a classic design with a modern feel

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