How to choose vertical radiators & horizontal models for your home

If you’re planning a room renovation or entire home project, choosing the right radiators should be high on your to-do list. After all, this part will be crucial in order for you to ensure your home is heated adequately and efficiently. In fact, now’s the perfect time of year to make these changes. It’s warm outside so you won’t feel the cold when your central heating system is switched for installation. First, you’ll need to consider whether you prefer a vertical radiator or a horizontal model, which will depend on a variety of factors. So, we asked our commercial director Jody to discuss the benefits of both to suit your specific needs:

Space-saving vertical radiators

If you want to save on horizontal wall space, a vertical radiator could be the best choice for you. These models can also help with interior design problem solving if you have rooms with narrow walls or compact areas you still need to heat. Positioning a vertical radiator on one wall can also create more room for large pieces of furniture. Take a living room, for example, where you’ll need enough space for seating, such as a bulky sofa. If you choose a tall radiator, you should find you no longer need to put your large piece of furniture in front of this. Instead, you can place your sofa next to your vertical radiator, which won’t then block any heat.

Our Galena Vertical Radiator from the Designer Collection is one of our newest designs. It looks striking in this living room with a gorgeous ribbed front and an Anthracite finish. This model is also made from aluminium, which enables it to heat up quickly with even heat distribution. This makes it highly energy-efficient with huge BTU capabilities. This model is also available in a horizontal version

Contemporary styling for your home

Aesthetically speaking, if you prefer modern interior design, then a vertical radiator will be perfect for you. After all, this style is ultra-contemporary and will make the perfect finishing touch to a key room makeover, such as an open-plan kitchen. These designs also work well in the heart of the home because they allow more room for cabinets. And, if you’re planning an extension, chances are you’ll want a striking model, which will reflect your new, modern space. If you choose the right manufacturer, you should find you are spoilt for choice for colour-ways, too. At DQ Heating, we can offer more than 300 different colours. We even have a dedicated colour-matching service, so you’re bound to find a shade to suit your individual needs. As a result, the shade you pick could instantly add a contemporary element to your interior design.

Our Cove in Mild Steel from our Designer Collection is available as a single or double radiator; the choice is yours. It’s available in so many sizes and finishes, no wonder it’s our best-seller. This model is renowned for its abilities as a superb heat emitter too. You can even choose a horizontal version if you prefer

Vertical radiators & extensive glazing

Interior glazing is a leading architectural trend. In fact, this has become more popular, as people strive for more natural light in their homes. However, the more windows you have the less available wall space there is. Take bi-fold or large, sliding doors in a kitchen, for example. This modern design feature tends to take up an entire wall, which means two things. Firstly, you’ll have less wall space to play with. Secondly, if you choose a vertical radiator, this can make full use of your room’s height. So your model will still provide you with enough heat output without taking up as much space along your remaining walls, when compared to its horizontal counterpart. The same can be said when it comes to any room design – the more glazing you have in a bedroom, for example, the less wall space you’ll have.

This child’s bedroom features extensive glazing. However our Drifter radiator has low water content, so you don’t need as much energy to heat it. This vertical radiator is designed with slim, stylish flat panels for a contemporary finish. This design aesthetic is further enhanced by its Pure Orange colour-way. We also offer a horizontal radiator design for more versatility

Room for improvement

Although a vertical radiator may be best where space comes at a premium, a horizontal version could be ideal for a larger home. You could choose a striking colour to make it stand out against a white-washed wall, for example. Horizontal models can be ideal for classic room settings if you choose a timeless design.

A horizontal radiator can also help you when designing a room layout in a small space. You can place them neatly under windows, for example, to make efficient use of the area you have.

Our Modus column radiator is a timeless made-to-measure design, which has been designed to work a variety of spaces. This model is comes with a huge array of fixtures too, making it the perfect choice to match any decor. Here, a Patina Green finish has been chosen in this plant-filled dining area extension to blend the outside with the indoors. You can also choose a vertical version

Heating & seating with a horizontal radiator

If you’re looking for a highly versatile radiator, a bench-style model could be perfect. This heating design features a traditional radiator which is topped with a bench you can sit on. These radiator bench designs are brilliant if you need to save space. They also offer the best of both worlds; you can benefit from a model, which will provide heating and a seating area in one.

Perfect for boot rooms and hallways, a bench radiator can instantly provide a practical element to your interior design. This is the place to be where you can comfortably remove boots after a brisk walk outside. And you could install one in a snug, so you can simply relax on your warm bench radiator, when the heating is switched on, to read a good book.

Our Bench column radiator is a superb dual-purpose column model, which is ideal if you’re looking for versatility from your heating. With excellent heat output, this style showcases a veneered oak wood top for comfort and practicality. If you would prefer another wood top to feature on your design, this is available on request

How to resolve installation issues

Chances are your existing radiator will be a horizontal version, because vertical radiators are a more recent invention. This could be good news if you’re looking for a model, which is horizontal; it’s easier for a plumber to switch like for like in your home. If you’re changing a vertical radiator for a horizontal version or vice versa, this method could also be less cost-effective. Your heating engineer may have to raise floorboards, remove pipes and fill in the wall holes left by the previous radiators on top of the replacement. So, you may find simply replacing your horizontal radiator with one in the same shape and size will suit your needs and budget.

Our 6-column cast iron radiator comes in a timeless design from the 1930s’. Featuring clean, crisp casting lines, this classic creation comes in many of our beautifully painted or polished finishes with four traditional heights to choose from

Wondering which radiator material may work best for your needs? We provide expert advice on the different qualities you can expect from stainless steel and aluminium radiators on our blog here.