Modern radiators & towel rails: easy ways to update your home for Easter and beyond

Easter is advancing. So, there’s no time to lose if you’re keen to make your home cosy and comfortable in time for guests. Spring is always a wonderful opportunity to reassess and revamp your interiors. And there are plenty of creative ways to bring some new-season sunshine (literal and figurative) into your home.

In entertaining terms, Easter is the new Christmas – is your home ready for this season’s round of house guests?

That said, in terms of temperatures, April can be unpredictable. So, it’s likely that your radiators will still be needed to keep your friends and family feel warm and welcome over the Easter break. Here, we have asked our commercial director, Jody, to offer his advice on modern radiators and towels, which can help you heat your home. After all, we offer a huge range of stylish heating solutions that blend form and function through a combination of different colours, finishes, and tube design. In other words, you can always rely on us to help you create a home that looks and feels amazing, whatever the weather.


The heart of the home

Your home – and your heating – needs to work extra hard when you’re hosting. But whatever you need your space to achieve, we have modern radiators to suit. As the heart of your home, your kitchen will most certainly be under the spotlight if you’re cooking Easter Sunday lunch. These days open-plan spaces, and even kitchen diners, need to look good while they’re multitasking.


For most of us, after Christmas Dinner, Easter Lunch is probably the year’s main culinary event, complete with creative baking and seasonal tablescaping. Don’t ruin all that effort by serving up your centrepiece to shivering house guests! Aim to make your guests feel cosy and cared for, in a stylish environment.


Our versatile Modus Made to Measure Vertical & Horizontal Radiator, showcased here in Brass Lacquer, works equally well in modern and period settings

Vertical modern radiators & maximising metallics

Tall or vertical radiators are the perfect way to make a style statement, or even create a striking focal point. But aside from the aesthetics, they are practical too. That’s because tall radiators are the ideal way to maximise your kitchen living space. Site them on any narrow walls or dead space to keep your room (and your guests) toasty warm. Tall radiators are also an effective heating solution for small, square rooms.

The metallic radiator trend isn’t new, but in terms of finishes, brass is definitely having a moment. Metallic, column-style modern radiators could be the perfect choice for any contemporary kitchen. Brushed and antique brass finishes add warmth and character.

Modern radiators in your guest bedroom

All guests need a warm, welcoming space they can escape to for a while, and are happy to spend time in. So if you’re expecting overnight visitors for Easter, it’s vital to make sure your guest bedroom is cosy and comfortable. But that doesn’t mean your spare room has to be bland and boring. Give it some character!

Contemporary coloured radiators can give such a lift to any living space. So don’t be afraid to go bold and bright. Let your personality shine through with primary colours. For example, yellow is so uplifting, and is an ideal shade for spring. Bright colours work really well as accent colours on modern radiators or to make a neutral design scheme pop.


See how the sunshine shade (Traffic Yellow) of our Cube mild steel radiator (available in hundreds of different colours in vertical and horizontal versions) adds a cheery pop of colour to this light, airy guest room

Don’t forget your guest bathroom

If your Easter guests are fortunate enough to have their own bathroom, make sure it’s practical as well as pretty. Nobody wants to take a long, lingering bath – or even a speedy shower – if the environment feels arctic. So you’ll need a bathroom towel rail that’s up to the job, while looking the part.

Think pink: a splash of bright colour can an instant spring feel to a bathroom. This is demonstrated perfectly here with our Cube T towel rail in eye-catching Telemagenta

These days all the best bathrooms (guest or otherwise) feature a heated towel rail. Unlike radiators, which are designed to transfer heat, towel rails are designed to keep your towels warm, fluffy and dry. Electric versions are cost-effective, eco-friendly and super versatile, because they work independently. This allows you to control your heating in individual rooms, as and when it’s needed.

If your guest bathroom needs a revamp, why not paint your wall to match your tub? Yellow is perfect for a fresh, spring-time vibe.

Available in both electric and central heating versions, our durable Tesoro towel rail, pictured here in Infinity Steel, combines style and practicality via its sleek curves and high output

Know your BTUs

Have you ever organised a garden Easter egg hunt? They’re great fun, for children and grown-ups alike. The only potential downside is the unpredictable British weather. If your guests get cold and wet tracking down their sweet treats, your radiators will need to warm them up fast and effectively when they come back inside.


In order to heat your home properly, you need to accurately assess the optimum number of BTUs (British thermal units) for each room. BTUs are the units of energy that are used to calculate a radiator’s heat output and efficiency. Certain rooms will require more BTUs than others. This tends to depend on criteria such as size, shape, number of windows and wall materials. Generally speaking, the larger the radiator, the higher its BTU rating. Although it’s also worth noting that different materials have different heat output categories.

You can make sure your radiators have all the capacity you need this Easter and beyond, by using our handy online Heat Calculator.

Our Delta radiator will make short work of warming up chilly guests. It features slimline panels of brushed or stainless steel, set together in either four or seven elements

Artful accessorising

Those little thoughtful extras you provide for your guests – squashy cushions, a thick throw, fancy bathroom toiletries – can have a big impact. But don’t be afraid to think of your radiators as home accessories too. If you don’t have the time, inclination or budget for a full room revamp, simply switching up your radiator can make a world of difference to how a space looks and feels.


At this time of the year, green is always popular. It works especially well in modern bathrooms, and complements biophilic design principles, which aim to incorporate nature within interiors. Importantly, biophilic design isn’t just about looking good, it helps us to feel good too. So add a plant or two, some natural materials, soft lines and organic shapes to your green radiator or towel rail, to ‘bring the outside in’ and give your Easter guests a natural boost.

Going green: Tap into biophilic design principles with our Tornado T towel rail, available in both central heating and electric versions



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