Colourful radiators: how to add distinctive style to your home

Bright colours are taking centre stage in 2023. So there’s never been a better time to be a little braver with your interiors. It’s no secret that colour can affect almost everything we think and feel. But it not only alters our mood, it can also exert a profound influence on the spaces in our home. The right colour scheme can make a living room seem more inviting, or a bedroom more relaxing. It can also help to create the illusion of a bigger or smaller space. In recent years, shades of grey, navy and black have dominated many interior design schemes. But as summer beckons, it’s time for neutrals to give way to a bolder, brighter palette – and colourful radiators are a key part of this trend.

Bright, colourful radiators are perfect for children’s bedrooms. Our slim, stylish Drifter radiator, pictured here in Pure Orange, features clean lines and a subtle ridge design that works especially well in contemporary settings

The rise of colourful radiators

Plain white is no longer the default colour for radiators. As more customers become aware of the options available, colourful radiators have become even more popular. These days radiators aren’t just a heat source. And they certainly shouldn’t be considered an afterthought, or something that needs to be inconspicuous or unobtrusive.

Thanks to the huge range of shades, shapes and sizes we stock, modern radiators have evolved to become a pivotal part of any interiors design scheme. The best bit? Colourful radiators work well in every room of your home, not just, say, the living room or the kitchen . So you can really unleash your imagination, and choose models that complement not just the other colours you’ve chosen, but your room’s specific function, too.

Bring the summer sunshine in with this Traffic Yellow finish for our Cube horizontal radiator – the perfect uplifting bedroom shade to help you get up and go!

Expressing your personality with colourful radiators

Before you begin any sort or redecoration or revamp, think hard about what you’d like the space to say. How do you want it to feel? What should the room’s personality convey?

Colourful radiators are a wonderful way to put the ‘fun’ into functional. Of course your radiators have a practical job to do, keeping your rooms warm and welcoming. But that doesn’t mean they have to be bland and boring. Colourful radiators, combined with contemporary styling, really can elevate any space.

See how our Modus made-to-measure mild steel vertical radiator, shown here in a red lilac finish, complements this room’s painted panelling, adding interest and impact without overpowering

How to choose colourful radiators

There are no wrong or right choices where colourful radiators are concerned. First and foremost, it’s vital to be honest about the colours you genuinely enjoy. But there are a number of other useful factors to think about too, before you make your final selection.

For example, are you renovating the entire room, or just replacing the existing radiator? Do you want your new radiator to blend in with the rest of the colour scheme, or stand out and make a statement? You can use colourful radiators to complement or contrast. Do you want your radiator to deliver a striking, individual ‘pop’ of colour? Or would you prefer it to coordinate with another feature of the room, almost like an interiors accessory?

Radiators can be used to add a bright ‘pop’ of colour to a neutral room scheme. See how the Turquoise Blue finish of our Ruvo vertical radiator, creates a striking focal point for this modern kitchen

Does colour affect output?

With energy costs so high, it’s understandable that some customers worry about whether the colour they choose for their radiators affects their heat output. The short answer is no!

Colourful radiators are no more or less effective than their plain white counterparts. So do go ahead and choose the shades you like, rather than the colours you (mistakenly) think might retain heat better. Room and radiator size, shape and materials are the elements that have an impact on efficacy.

The best way to keep your home warm and cosy is to accurately assess your heat requirements using our online Heat Calculator. This handy tool will help you to calculate the number the number of British Thermal Units (BTUs) required (the unit by which radiator efficiency is measured) for each individual room.

Can’t wait to transform your home with some colourful radiators? Our Modus Stocked vertical radiator, showcased here in Signal Blue, offers the same quality and value as our Modus made-to-measure range, but with a reduced lead time

Revealing all about RAL

Did you know that we use RAL colours for our radiators – and have more than 300 colours available from stock?

RAL (which stands for (Reichsausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung) is a colour matching system for paint, coatings and plastics, that’s similar to the Pantone system used for printing. It was developed by the German State Commission for Delivery Terms and Quality Assurance. It’s evolved to become the most popular Central European Colour Standard in use today.

Here our Vulcano horizontal mild steel radiator has been a painted a pretty pastel blue to match this sitting room’s soft furnishings

The main benefit of working with RAL is that all the colours are standardised, and therefore consistent and easy to match. In addition to interiors, RAL colours are used in architecture, construction, industry and road safety.

Don’t DIY

At this stage, you might be wondering whether to simply paint your plain white radiators yourself. It isn’t something we advise! Because radiators are constantly being heated and cooled, standard paint types aren’t always up to the job. Painting with bright or dark colours is often a messy affair too, and it’s difficult to achieve a super-sleek finish.

When you’re considering colourful radiators, don’t forget about metallics. Our Denali vertical radiator is available in striking copper lacquer and black nickel lacquer finishes, to deliver a sophisticated finishing touch

Our state-of-the-art powder coating plant allows us to create a huge array of customised colours and finishes. Powder coating also delivers a smooth, even finish that’s durable and resistant to scratches, chips and general wear-and-tear. Crucially, powder coating provides better performance than wet paint, because of the thermal bonding process it undergoes during curing.

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