How to choose kitchen radiators this Christmas

December has finally arrived, and Christmas is fast approaching. It’s a special, sociable time of the year, when most of us are busy getting ready to spend some quality time with family and friends. However, it’s also the perfect time to start planning ahead for any New Year home renovation projects. So why not add some kitchen radiators to your Christmas shopping list? That way you’ll be ready to hit the ground running in January, to ensure your home is warm, welcoming and cosy throughout the coldest winter months.

Our Vela flat-panel model, showcased here in Anthracite, is one of our tall kitchen radiators, which oozes contemporary elegance. It’s made from lightweight aluminium and has a low water content, making it a highly energy-efficient kitchen radiator option. You can choose to have a kitchen towel rail or two within your accessory options

Planning and preparation

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so it’s well worth taking the time to properly assess what you need from your central heating system and kitchen radiators. There are so many different colours and styles to choose from, that the choice can feel quite overwhelming. But before you start weighing up the pros and cons of, say, modern kitchen radiators versus traditional models, start with the practicalities.

The perfect kitchen radiator

The perfect kitchen radiator means different things to different people. But first and foremost, it’s vital to think carefully about the size and shape of the room you need to heat. A large, open-plan kitchen will require a very different heating system from a more compact space. So measure the square metres – and also think hard about the layout.

What shape is your room? How much ‘dead’ space is there? Which walls are best suited to site your kitchen radiators? Don’t forget to factor in how well the room is (or isn’t) insulated, and how many windows it incorporates.

Our Modus Made to Measure column radiator, seen here finished in Patina Green, is available in a huge range of sizes, fixings and colours, offering endless versatility. It’s a great example of how horizontal radiators (vertical radiators in this style are also available) can perfectly complement a kitchen diner and keep your home warm. It comes in a variety of colours too

Kitchen radiators and British thermal units

You might never have heard of them, but British thermal units (BTUs) will help you to calculate how many (and what type) of kitchen radiators you need. British thermal units are used to measure a radiator’s heat output, which can be influenced by its size, shape and material. You’ll need to know the optimum BTUs your room requires before you buy your new kitchen radiators.

White radiators don’t have to be bland and boring. Our new Galena aluminium is one of our designer radiators, which incorporates a striking ribbed design that doesn’t just look good, it has huge BTU capabilities too – ideal for keeping large, open-plan kitchens warm and cosy all year round

To help you work this out, we’ve created a handy online Heat Calculator tool. All you need to do is enter a few simple measurements and other details, and it will crunch the numbers for you.

Modern kitchen radiators

The good news is that modern kitchen radiators are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes, colours and designs. Nowadays, radiators for kitchens don’t have to be plain, boring white.

They can act as kitchen heated towel rails in one way, too. A towel rail or two, for example, can make a perfect addition to a tall kitchen radiator. This way, you can hang your kitchen towels, after drying large pots which won’t fit in the dishwasher, by hand. Also, you can banish the bland with bright colour options, finishes and tube designs. Designer kitchen radiators are the perfect way to create a striking focal point for your room, and make a serious style statement.

Colourful radiators for kitchens

Coloured kitchen radiators can really elevate your space. On-trend grey is a hugely versatile modern neutral, and remains enduringly popular for kitchen renovations. You could choose a radiator shade that complements the rest of your existing design scheme. Or why not go bold and bright with a contrasting accent colour? Some of the best kitchen radiators on the market will offer you a whole host of colour options – take our huge selection of colours for example where you can pick from more than 300 RAL shades to suit your design.

Why not brighten up your kitchen with a pop of colour and consider vertical radiators for your scheme? If you’re looking for radiators for kitchens, our Cove Mild Steel model, shown here in a red lilac finish, adds the perfect finishing touch to this contemporary room

If you’re not sure how well a coloured kitchen wall radiator would work in your home, modern metallics are a great alternative. Add warmth and character with brushed and antique brass, metallics which suit both classic and contemporary settings. Brushed or polished stainless steel are popular alternatives.

On the up: Vertical radiators

There’s no sign of a slow-down in demand for vertical or tall kitchen radiators. And while it’s true that they can completely transform a room’s aesthetic, there’s more to vertical radiators than just good looks when it comes to the heart of your home.

Vertical radiators are one of the best options if your wall space is limited. Because they are tall and slim, they can maximise any awkward, narrow or ‘dead’ spaces. They also work surprisingly well in small, square rooms.

Did you know that we offer some of the best uk radiators on the market? Maximise your kitchen’s wall space with our Delta stainless steel radiator. Available in both vertical and horizontal options, it features slimline panels of brushed or polished stainless steel, and even includes an optional towel bar

Space-saving solutions

Tall radiators are also a sensible solution if you’re looking for radiators for kitchens and your heart of the home has lots of windows. Small horizontal radiators, squeezed in underneath various windows, used to be the only option. However, vertical radiators sited either side of a window often heat a space more effectively.

Did you know we offer a selection of electric vertical kitchen radiators? These tend to heat up faster than traditional central heating models, which is useful if energy efficiency is a priority. Electric radiators are also extremely versatile, as they allow you to control your heating in individual rooms. So your kitchen radiator can be on or off, as required – and isn’t dependent on the heating selections in the rest of your home.

Did you know that our popular Vela radiator is now available in an electric version? Best of all, it’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-compatible, so you can control how and when it heats your home, and even dries your tea towels, via a smartphone app

The advantages of column radiators

Column radiators are an increasingly popular choice for radiators. They’re sometimes described as cast iron radiators, even if that’s not what they are made of.

Column radiators are instantly recognisable, thanks to their distinctive appearance. Importantly – especially if your kitchen is large – they are excellent heat distributors. That’s because the columns naturally maximise the radiator’s surface area. So it emits more heat than a comparable panel radiator. Choosing the right radiators can allow you to add your personal touch and some creativity to your heart of the home, if you know what to look for.

The more columns your kitchen radiator has, the higher the heat output achieved. Importantly, the spacing of the columns encourages even heat distribution. And because radiators stay warm after you turn them off, your kitchen will stay warmer for longer, too.

The best material for designer kitchen radiators

Cast iron isn’t the only available material for your kitchen radiators. Other options within our portfolio of modern kitchen radiators include mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Each has its own pros and cons in terms of appearance, energy efficiency, price and maintenance. So it’s worth assessing your priorities with regard to these different factors, before you make your final choice.

Continental chic: Our Italian-designed Ruvo is an eye-catching vertical radiator made from 100% recycled aluminium. It offers serious sustainability with no compromise on style

Stainless steel radiators are perennially popular, for many reasons. They are excellent heat conductors, warming up quickly, and retaining heat well. They’re also very resistant to rust and corrosion, and easy to keep clean and maintain.

Aluminium is fast becoming a popular option for radiators in the UK. This material is a superconductor. This means aluminium radiators warm up really fast, so they’re perfect if your priority is a responsive kitchen heating system.

Because aluminium is softer and more flexible than steel, it’s often used to create the contemporary shapes and styles of designer kitchen radiators. Aluminium kitchen radiators are also lighter than other materials. This means they tend to be fast and easy to install. They are also ideal for walls that aren’t suitable for heavy weights.

Thinking about buying a column radiator? Read our previous post here to take into account all the considerations to help you make a more informed choice.