Column radiators for your home

Trying to choose the best radiators for your home isn’t always easy. Nowadays there are so many different styles, sizes, shapes and materials available, that the choice can be quite overwhelming. So today, let’s focus on just one specific type: column radiators. In one form or another, these have been around since the Victorian era. Often described as cast-iron radiators (regardless of the material they’re made of), they are instantly recognisable. This is thanks to their distinctive column design. They tend to be popular with home-owners keen to recreate a traditional look. But in recent years, the genre has evolved to incorporate new materials, formats and colours. So, this means, whatever radiator style you favour, there’s a version available to suit you.

Forget everything you thought you knew about column radiators! Modern incarnations are available in a huge range of colours, materials and styles, to suit all sorts of settings and heating requirements. Just check out our ultra-modern Adara radiators

The advantages

Column radiators don’t just look good – they perform well too. Above all, they are excellent heat distributors. In fact, they deliver a much higher heat output than traditional radiators (on a size comparison basis). That’s because the columns naturally maximise the radiator’s surface area. So, these give off more heat than a comparable panel version. Choose from double, triple, four- or even six-column models. Remember, the more columns there are, the higher the heat output.

Furthermore, the space between each column encourages even heat distribution too. So these radiators are especially suited to larger rooms with high ceilings. But regardless of your room size, column radiators could save you money. The fast, efficient, even heat distribution they offer means you may not need to have your heating on for as long. So, this is good news for your bank balance – and the environment.

Other advantages of column radiators are their sheer versatility. Modern incarnations offer a wealth of options in terms of weight, material, format and design. So whatever style and shape you can imagine, there’s a model to match.

Iron admiration

If you’re keen to keep it classic, it’s hard to go wrong with a cast iron column radiator. In terms of form, they look absolutely fabulous. Known for their elegant rounded shoulders, splayed feet and timeless lines, these radiators are the perfect way to make a style statement in a period property. However, they also add interest to a modern room scheme. In fact, they can introduce an element of clever contrast to any living room, kitchen or bedroom.

In terms of function, cast iron column radiators are equally impressive. They get hotter than most other materials, and stay this way for longer. So, they will keep a room warm long after they’ve been turned off. One of our most popular cast iron column radiators is our Bronte model. This features an elegant scalloped foliage design, and is made using original moulds and traditional techniques.

Our Bronte cast iron column radiator works surprisingly well within both traditional and contemporary settings. It’s available in four different heights, and a range of colours and finishes

Metallic styles

Cast iron isn’t the only option if you’re a fan of metallic column radiators. There are plenty of alternative materials and finishes to choose from, including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Mild steel is a good choice if you’re after a lighter, sleeker column radiator. Our Peta model is a striking option that’s available in both vertical and horizontal formats. It’s so versatile, it can be made in any number of sections at our warehouse. Two-, three-, four- and six-column version are available, to accommodate virtually any size, space and heating requirements.

Column radiators don’t have to mean cast iron. Our Peta mild steel model is a popular cost-effective alternative that can be customised with a wide range of shades and special finishes

If you’re keen to source a column radiator with added originality, look no further than our Adara model. Scroll up to see the picture in the white open-plan kitchen. This features a classic column design, finished in an eye-catching old style varnish. It’s perfect for enhancing all types of room aesthetics, from modern minimalism to industrial chic.

The rise of coloured column radiators

One of the easiest ways to update a timeless design is with colour. So if you love the style of column radiators, but aren’t sure how well they would work within a modern décor, it’s time to unleash your imagination.

Demand for coloured radiators is growing exponentially. They’re a great way to add interest and a dash of personality throughout your home. You can match your coloured radiator to your room’s design scheme, or add a pop of contrasting colour to lift a neutral palette. Coloured column radiators are a  great way to blend both classic and contemporary elements. And they can update a traditional design with modern styling. Combine your choice of colour with a vertical radiator format for maximum impact.

Our Modus column radiator – showcased here in a stunning blue vertical incarnation – exemplifies how a traditional design can be updated to complement a modern interior

Modern multitasking

Column radiators are surprisingly versatile. Importantly, they are available in a variety of widths and heights. So, this means they can be sited in almost any location. They can even be adapted to double up as furniture. So you can maximise every square inch of space in your home, no matter how small, inaccessible or awkward! Our Bench model is the perfect example. As you’d expect from column radiator, it delivers an excellent heat output, combined with an attractive and practical worktop.

Twice as nice! Our Bench radiator is a multitasking marvel. It’s ideal for all sorts of locations, including porches, boot rooms and bay windows. It’s pictured here with a veneered oak wood top. Other wooden options are available

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