Heating ideas: children’s bedrooms & en suite bathrooms

It may be difficult to start thinking about heating options while the sun is shining but before you know it the colder nights will draw in. Besides, as the seasons change and we spend more time inside, it can be the perfect time to consider how you’ll change your interiors. Whether you tone up with bright bolds for younger children or add a neutral note for teens, heating solutions can add to the character of your home. We asked commercial director Jody to suggest some ideas to keep your children’s bedrooms and en suite bathrooms snug and stylish all year round:

Make a splash

Keeping the fun factor is all-important for a young child’s bedroom but you can still opt for a contemporary look. Introducing a statement radiator with an ultra-bright tone is a smart way of doing exactly that. You can select from a multitude of different shades to add a bright accent to the room. And you can either contrast or co-ordinate your heating solution with the room’s colour scheme. Did you know we have a powder coating service at our UK factory? This means we can keep radiators fresh with a wide variety of shades and help you with the hues you need. We may even be able to match your radiator to the colour of your paint.

Bright delights. Opting for a pop of orange against darker walls, as shown here with our Drifter vertical radiator in Pure Orange from our mild steel Designer Collection, can keep the look bright and breezy. With clean lines and a subtle ridge, this flat panel model adds to the modern feel

Feature wall focus

With a traditional-style bedroom for a young teenager, feature walls are the perfect way of creating a focal point. You could opt for a daring colour or stippled texture. Consider marrying decorative wallpaper to a patterned cast iron radiator to add a seamless flow in children’s bedrooms. Using neutral colour ways such as white, cream or grey walls or wooden floors can soften the space. It’s a timeless base from which to swap in decor, such as bedding, cushions or pictures, to change the look or add colour as your teens grow. Layer with textures and materials for a cosy vibe, which adds depth. Add decorative elements, such as a chandelier, for a feminine touch.

Harness the harmony. Coordinate your heating solution with a patterned feature wall. Create a timeless design by using a refined cast iron radiator with scalloped decoration from the Victorian period, such as our Bronte

Children’s bedrooms go glam

For an older teen, try a glamorous interior with modern aspects. Opt for gold accents and classic styling, such as a cast iron decorative radiator. Add a full-length mirror with a brass or gold frame, or choose a floor lamp for a vintage twist. You could even customise a walnut cabinet or wardrobe in grey tones for a contemporary up-cycle that will bring an antique feel.

Beautiful cast iron radiators, such as our Loxley, can tie into a teen bedroom’s boho chic. Styled with bohemian foliage, they are delicately cast with exquisite details

Mix & match

There’s nothing better than stepping out of a bath knowing there’s a warm, fluffy towel waiting for you. So, why not add a heated towel rail to the en suite bathroom in your children’s bedrooms? You can team to a theme for a consistent look. You could also pair brass rails with an industrial teen room concept by adding wire locker storage in the same finish. Or go bold to match with an accent wall or coloured storage solution.

Create some shade. Coordinate your teen’s en suite towel rail style, such as the brass Croxton rail from our luxury handmade traditional collection, with the bedroom colour scheme. Use it to complement accessories or tie into the wall tones

Let it roll

Extend the colour scheme from your children’s bedrooms into the en suite bathroom by painting the free-standing roll-top bath in a complementary shade. For teens, go for powerful pink or neon orange accents against a neutral backdrop for a bold, but playful, look.

Amazing feet. Copper or nickel finishes, as shown here on the Cavell rail from our stainless steel Bathroom Collection, can be paired to match the claw feet of your teen’s roll-top bath for a stylish feel. The subtle bow within this rail’s design creates a contemporary look. Green tones also work well with both, so opt for plants or shrubs to add to the bathroom’s zen

Take on tiles

Having a soak in a free-standing roll-top bath is a luxurious way to relax and switch off from the outside world. But, if your teenager is rather over zealous when running bath water or they drip everywhere after a shower, it’s time to think about an extra layer of protection. Installing tiles from floor to ceiling is one way of creating a wet room vibe, which is much more practical for drips, water flicks and spillages. There’s such a wide variety of designs and colours to choose from for the en suite in your children’s bedrooms, which are easy to maintain – simply wipe clean.

Work the curves of the mild steel Tesoro towel rail from our Bathroom Collection to complement your colour coordinates. Our Infinity Steel finish contrasts perfectly with bright bolds, such as the yellow shade pictured. Tesoro is available in both central heating and electronic formats

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