Our 2024 Products to Help Save on your Heating Bill!

The Cost of Living!

With the rise of the Cost of Living and utility bills hitting a new time high. It’s not a shock that people are looking for ways to reduce those bills and claim back the pennies!

With the release of our new brochure, we have added more energy efficient options to help you save money on your utilities.

Here are our new 2024 products to help save on your heating bill.

Energy Saving Aluminium Towel Rails

Our latest additions to the retail brochure are the Cornelli and the Indio aluminium towel rails.

It has been a goal of ours to add more efficient options to our portfolio and this year it’s more important than ever.

Aluminium is a fantastic conductor of heat, so it gets to the desired temperature very quickly! It also takes an aluminium radiator/towel rail much less water than a Mild Steel or Stainless alternative to radiate the same amount of heat. Which means that it takes a lot less energy to warm up your home and dry those towels!

Emission Busting Thermostatic Heating Elements

Heating elements are a fantastic method to driving down those bills. Have you thought about changing to dual fuel or solely electric heating?

Electric heating produces zero emissions, so unlike fossil fuels, it does not release harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Additionally, electric elements don’t lose energy through combustion like fossil fuel-based systems, meaning more energy goes into heating your homes.

With a thermostatic heating element, like our new TEC element, you also have the added bonus of having more control over when your heating comes on and temperature regulation.

Temperature Regulating Thermostatic Valves

Another way to bust those bills, is to look at Thermostatic Valves, like our very popular Enzo TRV’s, which are now available in Brushed Brass.

Thermostatic valves automatically adjust the flow of hot water into a radiator based on the desired temperature setting. Once the set temperature is reached, the valve stops the flow. This precise control helps maintain a comfortable environment without unnecessary energy consumption.

The ability to regulate temperature on a room-by-room basis, also means that areas with lower heating requirements receive less energy. As a result of this, heating bills are reduced and your overall energy efficiency will improve.

The Power of Cast Iron

Cast irons are best known for their durability, but did you know? They are also fantastic at retaining heat!

Due to it’s thermal mass  – The Cast Iron holds heat very well and cools down a lot slower than Mild and Stainless Steel options.

We have introduced new sizes to some of our Cast Iron ranges, but we’ve also added the Buckley, Martha and Dibley.

You can check those out here


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