Multi-Purpose Radiators

Modern-living calls for more efficient living! From more eco-friendly products, to products that save on space and act as multi-functioning items within our homes. Us Brits love to make the most of small, modest living and we do it well!

In slim town houses and village side cottages, space is a luxury, so the furniture we introduce into our home, not only needs to be small, it needs to have multiple purposes. From sofas that double to beds, tables that double as storage. But what about our radiators?

Traditionally tasked with heating our homes, radiators have modernised drastically over the last few years and we have made conscious efforts to diversify our portfolio to include more multi-purpose radiators and towel rails into our ranges.


The Bench has been a staple part of DQ’s portfolio for many years and there’s a good reason why! The Bench has similar bars to our popular Modus radiators, but with the addition of a beautiful Oak Veneered top. We also offer the tops in other finishes for an additional bit of variety for our customers. With this option the possibilities for finishes and looks for this radiator are endless.

This is the perfect radiator for cloakrooms and social spaces – Packing a punch with output, it also doubles as a seating area! Who doesn’t want to feel the warmth radiating from those top performing laser welded bars?



Cove Mirror

Our Cove Mirror is the upgrade of our standard Cove Model. They are definitely one of our most popular radiators, with a great price tag and two striking finishes (Anthracite and White) complimented with a beautiful, tall glass mirror. 

The Cove Mirror is available on a next working day delivery if ordered before 3PM! 

While it’s busy keeping you warm, it also doubles as a mirror for a quick outfit check or a top up of lipstick before you head out! Multi-functionality at it’s finest!


Readily available in three finishes, with the option to be finished in our range of RAL or special finishes – The Tesoro is the newest out of the three radiators we have discussed!

Perfect for small bathrooms, it’s slim design and variety of heights give plenty of options to homeowners.

Unlike the depths of our personal Pinterest boards, UK bathrooms are designed for functionality rather than luxury! With this in mind, we have adapted a shelf for the Tesoro to give an extra option for storage.


Did you know we also do accessories to enable our radiators be more multi-functional? Our towel hanging options can be partnered with a large range of our radiators! From our additional towel bars to our magnetic pegs, we can transform your radiator into an additional hanging option for your towels.

As we navigate modernised Britain, it’s evident that multi-purpose radiators are not just luxury items but necessities. With the current emphasis on promoting efficiency and sustainability, it is natural that we would seek multi-functionality within our heating appliances too!