Standard Finishes

9010 Pure White
9001 Edwardian Cream
Hammered Bronze
Victorian Foundry Grey
7016 Anthracite Grey
9011 Graphite Black

Lacquered Highlights/Satin Polished

Lacquered Highlight Polished
Lacquered Satin Polished

Premium Finishes

Black Nickel
Rose Gold

Please Note – All lacquered & premium finishes are only polished on one side as standard.

Casting is not an exact science and during the manufacturing process slight variations and imperfections can occur.  In the case of radiators, the manufacturing process can leave some of the edges feeling rough.  It is quite often this rough texture and appearance that makes the cast iron radiator such a period feature.

Please Note – For technical reasons paint colours may not match exactly to the samples shown and should be used for illustrative purposes only.